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Limping and lethargic?

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So about a week ago we woke up to find our dearest little girl limping around the house. I took her in that morning to the vet and they told me she sprained her elbow and gave me some anti-inflammatory drugs and sent us home. Well after 3 days of drugs the limping had mostly subsided. But she is not being herself.

She is only a year and a half old and was up until recently a crazy playful kitty who loved being around us. But since last week all she does is lay around upstairs. She will come down stairs for a bit but then go back up and sleep. I noticed she wasn't eating and drinking as much so I took her back to the vet. They ran all kinds of tests kidney & liver function, urine analysis and FIV, everything came back well within normal and FIV negative. She was slightly dehydrated so the vet recommended we get her a water fountain to drink from and feed her wet food.

Well its been two days of wet food, which I have to basically sit down and feed her. And plenty of rest and she still is not herself. I am really getting worried about her.

She is an indoor only cat and has never gotten out or had exposure to other cats since we got her from the shelter as a kitten (she was born at the shelter). All her shots are up to date and before last week she was a happy healthy crazy kitty. She hasn't had any diarrhea or vomiting. We don't have any chemicals or poison laying around the house.

I have exhausted my thoughts on what it could be and was wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar problem.
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this is what Bea was like when she had her infection...

does she have a fever? if not, maybe she's having a reaction to the medication? did the doctor say what the side effects of the anti-inflammatory might be if any?

doesn't sound good AT ALL

that kitty feels better soon
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She has no fever and the side effects were vomiting or diarrhea neither of which she has.
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I don't have any advice but here's lots of healing vibes for your dearest girl.
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What medication is she on? Could that be making her lethargic?

My Scarlett dislocated her knee last week and really slowed down while it was healing.
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I have no advice but I hope she feels better soon.
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I'm thinking that the anti-inflammatory is making her tummy either upset or just interfering with her appetite. Can the doc give you any appetite stimulants?
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Last Saturday I was given three doses of Ketoprofen for her, she finished them on Monday.

She was also given a single dose of Heartguard which is the first time she has had it.
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Small update, she is feeling a bit better. She was dragging toys around the house at 3am.
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o good! that IS a good sign...

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Things are even better today! She is not sleeping nearly as much and she is back to eating and drinking like a normal kitty!
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Glad to hear it!

Our Isaac sprained his elbow about 1 weeks ago too. It was swollen and he would not bear any weight and took to his bed. A few days later he would bear weight a bit and seemed to perk up. Today, he's still limping very slightly but the swelling has gone down almost entirely and he's playing/attacking shadows etc.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall to know what they heck they DO while we're out to injure themselves like this?!?!?
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