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I couldn't help the poor dog

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I'm currently on the road from Phoenix, Arizona to home (yes I can get internet access in the car - passes the time!!). We stopped at a travel centre for dinner and as we were leaving we saw a dog by the side of the road almost on the highway. I got out of the car while DH did a lap and parked the car.

The poor doggy was lying down and wouldn't get up and was ust looking at me with big soulful eyes. 30 minutes later after trying to get someone from the gas station to help me, trying to find a number for animal control and eventually finding a numer for someone to page control, I got a bit closer to the dog and he jumped up and tried to run away towards the highway. I realised he wasn't injured but freaked out, which was more of a risk to running on the highway where there was heaps of RVs, trucks and cars driving along.

I called 911 since at the shelter where I volunteer that's what we have to do for reports of a dog on a highway and they said they'd put a call out.

By this time the dog lay back down again looking really sad. He had a collar but I saw no tag, and he looked like he had a frayed leash around his neck, so i think he'd escaped from somewhere. It was breaking my heart!

I got a call back from animal control saying that since he wasn't hurt they wouldn't come get him and it would have to "wait until Monday". I was so mad and told the girl that he was going to be injured very soon since the only way for him to get off the grass was to get onto the road in front of all the traffic. She still said there was nothing she could do

We'd been with the dog about 45 minutes by this stage, and we were still 3 hours from home after nearly 12 hours of driving, and I didn't know what more to do so we had to leave him He was too scared to come near us so I couldn't get him in the car.

I know I did all I could, but I feel so bad for him. I hope the highway patrol goes to retrieve him otherwise he's dead and will potentially cause a bad traffic accident as well. Poor little guy
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maybe he has the sense to stay away from the highway. I know that you must be heartbroken for him but let's assume the best! (not the worst) You did try to help him and did all that you could given the circumstance.
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I can't believe noone went back to look for him, poor soul. If that were my animal and he got off his leash, I'd be so upset and would be leaving all sorts of information with someone in charge working there in case he came back like that. If at all possible I'd have never left him there to begin with, for the poor terrified puppy.
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I am mad to hear those AC officer's lame excuses! Our dpt would all be out there with bells on trying to catch that poor pup! There is no excuse for their laziness I am soo sorry nobody would help you out with this

You did your best honey- you really tried to help out the poor pup. I pray he stays safe until someone is able to catch him. Thankyou for trying to help that poor dogI wish there were more people like you out there!
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I can't believe they didn't come get him!!!! That poor dog. You did what you could. It would have been too dangerous for you to go get him once he ran. Think, he could have ran again, caused and accident and killed you in the process Hopefully their was an angel watching after him.
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Bless his soul, and yours as well!! Hopefully maybe someone rescued him.....

to the poor pupper!
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Why is it that the people "in charge" always say "I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do."

You did all you could, Sarahp. It's not your fault that nobody else gives a

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Don't feel bad, it's not your fault that he's still out there. It's those stupid animal control people. If they had come out, between all of you, you probably could have caught him. They obviously don't care much for animals, because even if I had that job and was off duty, I'd still come out and help that poor dog.
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The animal control woman said to me "I can't come, I'm in Bakersfield which is 45 minutes away, so it'd be a 1 1/2 hour round trip". So?????? That's what their job is I'm sure not much else exciting was happening in Bakersfield on a Saturday night!

The poor dog just plopped down back in his original spot once he'd tried to get away from us the first time. I really don't think he was going anywhere.

His sad eyes will haunt me for a long time.
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I emailed animal control and let them know I was unhappy with the service, and lack of compassion from the animal control officer. The head of the shelter called me and apologised and bcc'd me on this email to the animal control officer responsible:

I realize this call was not an emergency and you did follow protocol in not responding. However, given the fact the woman was willing to wait with the dog and the location of the dog was indeed a potentially perilous one for travelers, an exception should have been made. Sometimes we have to think out of the box and go above and beyond. This was a perfect opportunity lost for excellent public image boost.
So while I couldn't help the dog, I'm glad I got such a response from the director (or whatever her title was...). Hopefully next time such a thing happens, the dog's life will be saved
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