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Cat with very itchy skin...

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I'm new on the site. I have an 11-year old male neutered cat who has developed a bumpy rash-like condition that is very itchy on his skin in the past month or so. He had an infection about a month before the rash started and was treated with anti biotics. The vet also had me switch from regular Eukanuba to to a low-residue one. I don't know if the food switch is causing the rash or not. The only thing that changed at about the same time is that the (gas) heater has been on a lot more.

I've heard that cats can sometimes have allergic reaction to some grains - especially corn. A friend recommended I switch to a high-protein food. I gave him flea medication a week ago, but that hasn't seemed to help. He's an indoor cat and never goes outside. He's medium to long hair.

Anyone have any suggestions for what might be wrong and also how I might treat it? Can cats develop allergies to things like dust/mold? (I'm a grad student and live in an old apartment). He had a complete blood workup with his recent illness. Everything looked good except his kidney numbers, which were slightly elevated. I'll have him retested soon.

Any suggestions are welcome -

Movielyn (and Vladimir)
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I would find a LOWER grain food .... ie one with less corn and more rice .... at 11 I would want a complete senior done with perfect numbers prior to attempting a HIGH protein diet of dry food.... wet of a non corn variety would be my first .... in wet senior is not a big issue .... just find one with at least .8% omega six or linoleic acid..the fatty acids will help greatly

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