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Shoulder rider....

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Anyone else have a cat who just cant get enough of being on your shoulder? Our cat Bean started when he was tiny, and crawled and scraped up you clothes till he got up. Now, he half climbs/half jumps.
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Kiko is my shoulder rider. He absolutely loves it and like yours, has done it since he was a baby.

Laura is my back rider. If I bend down for something and she is nearby, she will jump on my back. Then, I am left to either stand up and have tiny claw marks down my back or walk bent over to a bed or sofa so I can lay down and encourage her off. I always feel like inside, shes cracking up laughing.
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No shoulder riders here, too heavy.

Tomas does however prefer to sleep on my left shoulder. Often causing me to have some weird dreams that someone is holding me down.
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Haha I have a shoulder rider too! He also jumps on my back when I bend over and Im such a sucker I just walk bent over till he gets bored bothering me and jumps off! The funny thing about this is if I want him to do it he wont! He's soo crazy
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Maia loves to sit up on my shoulder! She does a little dance on the floor signaling for me to pick her up for a hug, over my shoulder. Then she is completely content and purring if I walk around the home doing whatever with her on my shoulder. She also loves it when I dance with her there!!!!
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Originally Posted by cheylink View Post
She also loves it when I dance with her there!!!!
Awww my Kiko does, too. He likes it if Im holding him in my arms, too, dancing, he will just purrrrr so loud
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my new millie loves to sit on my shoulder while i walk around. when i got down on my hands and knees to look for sophie, she jumped on my back, happy as a clam and stayed there. she even walked up close to my head to purr in my ear as if to tell me thanks for bending over, lol. of course, i'm also a sucker, and just crawled around on my hands and knees to appease her and she loved it! i mean, i just brought her home today, you see how this kitten is NOT shy or the least bit nervous!!
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I have a shoulder rider at my mother's house. My cat Mischief that still lives with her started as a baby riding my shoulders. Now he is WAY too big to do it (he is at least 15 pounds if not closer to 20! But not overweight! Just HUGE!!!) So he has settled for draping himself around my neck and dangling his legs down, almost like a shepherd with a lamb. It is so sweet!! But he gets heavy fast!!

Our cat Trinity used to ride my DH's shoulders when we first got her--but now she doesn't want him to even touch her. (but that is not something new-so we aren't worried about the behavior)
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yep. Bean started this when he was very little. When we would pick him up as a tiny kitten, his little arms used to flail around till you held him.... It wasnt for weeks that I realized he wasnt trying to get away, but rather he was trying to grab onto you. He also jumps on my back as soon as I bend to clean his litterbox..... lol. I do wonder how long we'll be able to tote him around. He'll be 6 months old in 2 weeks, and he already weighs 7.5lbs.... thats alot right? Not overweight. Just a big fella.
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heh he. Chloe is my little shoulder rider. She'll yell at me til I pick her up and let her hang out up there, then she purrs her smug little purr that
says, "yea I KNOW I'm spoiled but I deserve it".

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one of my fav pics from when we just got him...

And this..

Looking for one from now....
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Buffy's a shoulder rider. In fact, if she can, she'll wiggle out of your arms (if you're carrying her) and haul herself up to your shoulder. She loves the viewpoint from up there.

If I bend over, both Buffy and Molly will hop on my back. I don't have to even know if the cats were in the room, but I automatically know which one is on my back. Buffy is 7lbs, Molly is 11. Plus, Molly likes to "clench" her paws, lol. Willow never really tries to do new stuff, but once in a while, I'll be on the computer and suddenly a body with claws lands on my shoulder (and wobbles a bit, from lack of exercise/experience, lol). Gives me a fright every time. And I get another fright when I realize it's Willow. "Whoa! You can jump!" She just ignores me and hops off my shoulder onto the desk in front of me, where there may or may not be food that she's seeking... lol
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oldpoopie that's a cute little baby you've got there...
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Muddy is my current shoulder rider, but he only rides the left shoulder (go figure).

Our OTB Max was the ultimate shoulder rider. He was an 18 pound Manx and road my husband's shoulder (mine wasn't broad enough for him). DH would put him up there when he got home from work and he would just hang up there the entire time he would make dinner, which could last up to an hour. DH never had to hold onto him nor would Max dig into his skin with his claws. He just laid on top. The great thing about Manxes is that they don't have a tail to waggle in your face when you are trying to do something.
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Forrest loves to drape himself over my left shoulder. For some reason only the left shoulder. He'll just hang there with his head and front legs down my back and I carry him around like a human baby. He purrs and purrs and I think he would stay there all day if I let him.

He thankfully doesn't try to climb up on his own, but will get in front of me and "talk" loudly until I pick him up and throw him over my shoulder.
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