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Happy 2nd Anniversary Pru!

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Our sweet Pru has been with us for two years this Thanksgiving Eve. I almost forgot in all the holiday swirl!
It's been a great two years. She loves Clio and Sam and she loves us. She comes to visit at night to get belly rubs and scritches. We got a rescue dog, Fergus, in March and her progress has slowed. She will not come out from under the sofa unless the dog is out of the house. I see her jumping off the radiator to go under the sofa when I bring the dog back from a walk. He's a good dog, but I put him in the kennel to give her time out and about for a few hours in the day.
Fergus is fascinated by the creature that lives under the sofa, he knows she's there. And she knows he is there and she's not coming out. So this is a work in progress for us: getting a rambunctious dog and a scared feral to accept each other.
If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I'm hoping time will help, but I would like to move it along if I could.
I would have never kept Pru that night, except I joined TCS that evening in sheer desperation and fear and learned so much from reading all the posts in this section. I was given such great advice. So not only is it Pru's second anniversary, it's mine with TCS.
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Congratulations to you and Pru!
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Awww Pru ... Congratulations to both of you!
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Great to hear that Pru is doing well, despite her problems with Fergus. I have similar problems with two cats - my Ellie refuses to accept the newest arrival, Cinders, who rushes under the sofa or bed if Ellie is around. I think time is the only cure, and of course careful supervision at all times in case someone loses their cool.
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Thanks everyone.
Pru has a special place in my heart. She comes running when she hears me get up at night to go into the bathroom. She knows she's safe when I'm sitting down and loves to rub my legs and roll over for belly rubs. She's started jumping up on the sinktop next to me so she can do headbutts. What a sweetie! Whenever we see her, her tail is straight up and twitches. It's like a jittery periscope. She is very hesitant to come into the bedroom at night like she used to, because a certain dog has scared her one too many times. I think I'm going to have to actively get involved in resolving this or I am going to miss out too much on a wonderful little tabby.
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