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shopping dilemma, help!

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i have been looking for YEARS for a plastic can topper for resealing the smaller fancy feast sized cans! Is this just a crazy dream or do they exist.
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I saw some in Petsmart. Try that?
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Here is a link as well

Cat food can covers
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What a great idea!!!! Merlin loves Fancy Feast but sometimes doesn't eat the whole thing...he mainly gets some as a treat and dry food as his regular meal.
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We've got them at our local Wal-Mart, but they are not always in the pet dept...sometimes they put them in with the houseware stuff. I think they are dirt cheap too...like $1.00 for 2 lids. My cats don't eat wet food, so I don't have to worry about those. Plus...that canned food just makes me gag! The smell is so nasty...YUCK!
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thank you all for your help, but let me clairify. Cat food comes in 3 general sizes. There is the large, which is about the size of a soda pop can, the medium(5.5oz) which is the size of a can of tuna and the small(3oz) which is the size of....a pill box?...a jar of pimentoes?...a tin of snuff? The can covers for the large and medium can be found, but the small?
Wallmart and the previous offered web site dont have the small ones. Petsmart? im going to check out yet. Thank you all for your help though in trying to make my dream a reality!
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here's one for sure:

pet food direct

it's called the "Petmate Kitty-Kap".
the only problem is that there is a minimum shipping charge which
will be more than the product costs
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thank you, thats just the thing lucia! very expensive, but im going to get several and give a few to my mom for her birthday.(what do you buy for a mom who has everything? i know she does not have these!)
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