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my new girls

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ok, so as i posted in the lounge, i ended up adopting TWO baby girls today.

We went to the shelter for the first one and boy is she a GREAT kitten!!! we wanted her as a playmate for max. is is about 4 months old. she is such a lover, wants all sorts of attention, is not afraid of anything, and the weirdest of all...she actually likes my loud hyperactive 6 year old son! she is a fantastic jumper and has a lot of spunk (she hissed at the pillows that had the nerve to fall when she jumped on them, lol).

Well, after we brought millie home we headed off to petsmart to get some supplies and they happened to be having an adoption day today. we always look at the kitties anyway. well, there was this one little girl who was soooo cute and just looked like she needed a home. i just fell in love with her little cries and just had to have her. and because they were able to check all my references today, i got to bring her home today. now she is a bit shy, just content to lay on my bed close to me. when millie got in once and jumped on my bed they exchanged some cute tiny little hisses and she retreated to under my armpit with her head barly sticking out, but happy and content since she was close to me.

as to them liking each other:

damian, the original 8 year old, neutered. actually in interested in smelling both girls but he hasn't been able to get that close obviously. he has not even hinted at hissing at either girl, where he would hiss at my hand if it smelled like max when we first got him. when he smells my hand now that it smells like the girls, he is very interested and will sniff forever. this may be promising.

max, 5-6 months old, neutered. he just wanted to play with damian, and damian just wanted to be left alone, so we wanted a playmate for him. well, he is terrified of the girls. millie actually wants to play with him, but runs away like a bat out of hell. he has no idea what to think. and i guess cats can't remember everything, because the same lady who fostered him fostered millie and she had them both at the same time, but max is about 1-2 months older than her.

millie, 4 month old, spayed. what a little queen of the house we brought home! she is ruling the roost and taking prisoners! there was no containing her, she needed out to explore. she did her little baby hisses at the boys, scared max, damian didn't care, he just wanted to smell her. she is very playful! her foster mom has had her since she was just a few days old. the mom was also surrendered so she didn't need to be bottle fed. we changed her name, but she already comes when called with kissing noises.

sophie, 3 month, not spayed yet. she is just now doing some exploring of my room. she is a bit nervous and a shy kitty. her foster mom told me that she really loved their older cat. i haven't been able to really get her to play, she pretty much hasn't left my bed or been out from under it since we got home 7 hours ago. while she is exploring, i'm apparently not allowed to come off my bed, if i even flinch, she runs underneath until she is sure i'm not coming down. but she isn't afraid of me, just doesn't trust me yet. sophie was her foster name and we kept it because we loved it.

WOW, four cats! i can't believe i own four cats!
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Originally Posted by karebearcasey View Post
WOW, four cats! i can't believe i own four cats!

You mean, you cannot believe that four cats own you!

It sounds like when they all get used to each other you will have a really fun house.
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Ya, Kinda sounds like THEY chose YOU!! lol
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Congrats on your new babies!! I hope that they all get used to each other quickly!!
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they sound like fun
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