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Litter box training and care for 6 year old cat

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I have a couple of questions about my six year old cat, TomKitty. He is mostly an outdoor cat but stays inside when we are home. He eats and drinks inside with our indoor cat, Skipper who has never been outside. However, TomKitty always take care of his other business outside and has never used a litter box.

Yesterday TomKitty stayed inside all day and went outside for an hour. When he came back he was basically draging his rear legs and could not stand for long. We made him as comfortable for the night and had him at the vet at 7 a.m. We don't have any idea what happened to him.

After an examination and x-ray it was determined that TomKitty has a slight fracture in his hip. He is going to stay at the vets for two days and then will be returning home.

The vet said that we will have to keep him up for a while, which I guess means inside. The only place we can keep him to keep him warm and safe is in the house.

So now, how am I going to train a 6 year old cat on a litter box? Aslo, what other special precautions should I take? Should I keep the two seperated indoors? Skipper is pretty frisky and usually trys to wrestle with TomKitty, Skipper did realize that he was hurt last night.

TomKitty being an outdoor cat is going to have a few adjustments to make.
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Do you have one room (preferably with linoleum flooring or other washable flooring) you can keep TomKitty in for his recuperation? A room that's low-traffic and quiet, that you can put a warm, soft cat bed (or a box with high sides that you cut a very low door in, lined with washable old towels or other soft washable bedding), a litterbox, his food and water, a toy or two just so he'll have them, maybe a scratching pad? This is the ideal situation. If not, yes, definitely keep him isolated from your other cat, as you don't want any fights -- he'll have enough to deal with, whether he knows it or not! Barring any of the above, do you have a secure garage you could outfit with all of the supplies he'll need, that no one could possibly let him out of and that he wouldn't escape from?
GOOD LUCK and thank you so much for caring about TomKitty and getting him the medical attention he so desperately needs. You're wonderful!
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If the box is his best option, he will naturally prefer it. Unless there's something else in the room which offers earth to dig in, he's going to go with his instincts.

I would agree about keeping him separate. He needs recuperation time, and as little to deal with as possible.

I realize there are some cats who need training in litter box behavior. But since most of my own experience has been "here's the box" I hope your kitty feels the same way.
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We don't know what really happened to TomKitty, he never goes into the road, so we have ruled out him getting hit by a car, however I don't think he would have servived, as we live on a very busy road. He never gets up very high to jump down off of something. Could it be possible that someone like a neighbor could have kicked him and made his fracture in his hip? He goes across the yard at times and visits them from time to time. They have dogs that are pinned up, and don't seem to be parcial to cats?? The vet says its a mystery too as to what happened also to have suffered a fractured him, and blood to be in his urine.
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Any of those are possible, and just because you don't see him climbing up on stuff doesn't mean that he stays down all the time.

I've honestly never had to litter train a cat. Even young kittens seem to know what to do (once they're no longer dependent on mother cat to take care of that).
Since he's an indoor/outdoor cat do you know if he may spray? Some male cats get used to peeing that way and prefer it, it's not just a scent marking habit.
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I have a couple of question concerning litter...
What do you do with cat litter when you change the litter box?
We have just been disposeing it in the trash
Is there a biogradable litter, and where can you purchase it?
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My most senior cat ox 18 yrs 8 months and indoor/outdoor cat hadn't used a litter box for over 10 yrs. He would stratch at the door when he would want to go out but in the winter he was pooping on the hardwood floor and peeing on the small rugs in the kitchen. So in the past year he ha been spending more time in the garage and doing his stuff on the garage floor or outside. About a month ago I posted about this and was adviced to try the "cat attract" cat litter. I got it was petsmart.
The very first day he peed in it and has been peeing in the litter box every since. This is without any prompting from me. He does poop in it too but not consistently. I bring this litter box from the garage into the kitchen every night (yes its a pain) and he has been peeing in it overnite and last night for instance he did poop in it!!! The litter is expensive but the litter comes with a booklet on training advice and you could probably start mixing it with other litter to reduce the cost.
One of the litter box's in the basement is filled with poultry crumbles chicken feed which is really cheap and since its actual food it would degrade outside if you had a spot to dump it (just not your garden).
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I would try just putting him in a small room with the box. Fill it with dirt, sandy litter or a mixture of the two. As someone said, if it's the best option, he'll likely use it.

We used the "Cat Attract" litter when we had to re-train Stanley and it worked. I think there is also a sprinkle on Cat attract additive.

Oh, and be prepared that he might not want to do both functions in the same box, so you might end up either cleaning his box very frequently, or adding a second if he's inside long-term.
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Thanks for the information, TomKitty is doing better. We have a room in our house that is fixed up for him. We covered the floor with plastic, and had a big piece of unused carpet on top of the plastic. We placed his litter box there close to his bed we made for him. He has been just lying around and taking it easy. He has been useing the litter box thank goodness and is doing quite well at it.
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