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Eating Cat litter??

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Well lately my kitten sits by his litter
box and just eats the litter that falls on
the floor. He has only done this about 3 times.
When I catch him doing it I tell him "bad kitty"
I have no idea if its harmful to him or not, or if
im doing right by telling him bad kitty....
any suggestions appreciated
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You can get a piece of astroturf and cut it to fit under the litterpan so it extends out and catches this litter. It could also be your kitty needs some sort of supplement in his diet to stop this behavior.One call to your vet and he could recommend something you can give him. He is not being bad, he is just being a kitty- it is normal for them to play in the litter, but not really normal for them to eat it. If he is constantly eating it, then he needs to go to the vet and have blood drawn to find out what he is lacking.
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That is why most people don't use clumping litter for the first year of the kittens live. The are like little kids, everything just winds up in their mouth! :0))) I really like the Hartz clay litter which I have been using for 3 kittens (Peekaboo, Mighty Joe & Buddy) I had been fostering for the past 3 months. Clumping litter could be very dangerous just for that reason. At age one they should have gotten over this phase and it's ok to switch.
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