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My bedroom (almost done)

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Well, after months of work (on and off... mostly off ) I am almost done re-decorating my apartment.

Here are some pictures of part of my bedroom, which is almost done.

Here's what it looked like before:

(bad Joshua!! )

Now... here's my new and improved bedroom corner. The pictures aren't great (problems with my camera) but gives you an idea:

There will also be pictures in the picture frames, and a cushion on that highest shelve for the cats to sleep on (Joshua likes to take his naps in high altitude) but other than that, that's pretty much it.
I made those big cushions myself. They're so comfy.

I'll take pictures of the rest of the apartment soon.
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Very cool! I love the shelves
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
Very cool! I love the shelves
Thanks. They're the same ones I had before, but painted black.
And they're the cats shelves. The top one is for sleeping, and the other one is just there so they can jump to the top shelve.

Also the "new" low table is just the white shelve I had besides my bed. I put it horizontally and covered it with fabric.
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good job!
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That looks great!!

I'm kind of liking the frames without the pictures in them.
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the shelves for the cats is a really cool idea!
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I love your style! I want to redecorate our place so badly if we had the money. You should add a splash of color in there, like a red throw pillow. Something small, bright and contrasting to the black and white. What do you think?
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Very nice. I love the cat shelves.
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Oooo that looks nice! I love the cats all over everything!
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Your room looks nice. What color did you go with? It reminds me of this silver color Mom picked for her room. I see light purple but she sees silver.
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It looks great! Good job.
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Looks very good!! My cats would be fighting over those shelves!!
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Thanks everyone.

It's hard to see on those pictures, but the walls are powder blue. I might add a little bit more golden yellow color if I can find something nice (and cheap). Maybe just a place mat for that low table (I usually have my tea there, so it will be useful too)

Poor Kinah has been so confused by the whole redecorating thing. When she gets nervous, she likes to hide and her hiding places keep being disturbed. Today I almost sat on her because she was hiding in my bed under the blankets.
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Very cool!!! I also like those shelves!
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