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Strange behavior?...

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My cat is acting quite strange I am not sure if this is normal? Maybe I have just had more female kitties then guys. lol

Keeba is almost 1 and a half years old. He is neutered and has been since he was pretty young.

Anyways my little guy started climbing in bed with me when I would go to sleep and start kneeding my blanket like mad down by my feet. I have a huge comfy blanket and the cats just love it. When he started going really nuts I would shoo him away or call him over to snuggle me.

Then he began umm humping my leg lol He would start kneeding, alittle at first and then really kneeding like crazy. Then he would mount my leg and start humping.

Now I was usually half asleep or he would wake me up to this so I wasn't sure at first what all was going on.

He started doing it more and more and I finally realized what was going on lol

Now he leaves my 2 female (spayed) cats alone. And he only does this to me when I am laying down in bed sleeping.

Is this normal for a neutered cat?
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HAHAHA! I dont mean to laugh but thats uhh kinda funny! I dont think thats normal but would check it out! Someone on here will have a straight answer for ya! Maybe he thinks you're the cutest cat on the block!
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The description is funny.

Maybe the vet didn't get everything, though he's not interested in your girls. Or... maybe he just really loves you -it could also be that particular blanket or something scented you put on.

I'm sure there'll be a few more people to come along and share stories, or suggestions.
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lol yeah everyone i have told has found it quite amusing though strange.

I did think that if he was just being a horny little guy lol that he would be trying it on the females, even more so Kisa who he is close to and often cuddles with her. Or even try something on me during the day but nope nothing.

My husband said maybe Keeba just gets excited since he is just starts out kneeding the blanket so much.

He does love me a bunch. Ever since I got him i called him my little romeo since he is just such a lover lol He is always wanting to snuggle with me.

I tried looking it up online and didn't find much info. Some people said it could happen soon after having him neutered but he was a long while back. Others said either dominance but it just seems unlikely to me being the situation and all the rest of the time he never tries to be dominant ever he is more the baby type lol. Others said it could be habit. But we got him fixed very young and he had just started trying stuff with a girl like twice before he was fixed. And has never again since that I am aware of.

But it doesn't look like it is anything bad about it. Though getting woken up to it is kindof annoying sometimes. I can just shoo him away when he starts lol
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It sounds like he's just getting overstimulated. We had a dog that would do that when he got too wound up by activities going on around him (usually my brother and his friends playing). It's not uncommon for cats to do this to toys, blankets and other inanimate objects, and he probably doesn't realize your leg is there too. You're not alone--there are other threads here:

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my friends cat Nigit does this to her. haha. it's kinda, um, awkward but I don't really think there's anything to be worried about.
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My friend has a neutered male cat, and he has a favorite blanket he likes to hump. He'll drag it around the house, and usually goes into the most crowded room and does his thing right in front of an audience. My friend's husband didn't like the behavior, and took the blanket away from the kitty. This only caused the cat to find another item to hump.
I guess that this is normal behavior for neutered males. I would try covering the area by your feet with a towel, and when he gets used to the towel, move it to the floor. He may decide to hump the towel even if you move it into a closet... at least then he won't wake you up at night.
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Ya or try putting the blanket on the floor and using another one. It sounds like he not only really likes you, but he also likes the blanket! Im still pretty sure he just thinks you're sexy though....LOL
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