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Thanksgiving Leftovers

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I was just wondering what all of you are going to do with your leftovers?

Me, I am going to make some turkey soup! With dried pinto beans, fresh carrots, celery, onions and garlic. And 3 types of pasta and chicken broth!

It is my first time trying to make soup but if it is like the first time I made salsa, it will be a big hit... LOL

All I know is that it will take a couple of hours for the beans to cook and then maybe an hour to simmer... Yummy!!
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I made sandwiches from the meatn and my yeast rolls. We actually had a whole chicken and some turkey breasts becasue the turkey ends up going to waste. So they were a mixture of the meats.

Everything else is just getting eaten like normal!
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EVERYTHING from the meal, DH is putting on his sandwich. We had one last night and he is doing it again tonight. LoL
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Whenever I cook a chicken or turkey I always cook enough potatoes, stuffing and veggies so that I can make "TV Dinners" from the left overs.

It's great for those days when you forget to make a lunch. You can grab a frozen dinner out of the freezer and take it with you. Or if you are too tired to cook dinner you can pull one out and microwave it.

I buy those ziplock containers for when I freeze full meals. And I usually use empty margarine and yogurt containers for when I freeze soups or stews.
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I am going to make enough soup to freeze for my lunches at work. It is too expensive to eat in the cafeteria and the food there is yucky anyway.
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I got lucky and dished out my own left overs. That way I only have to eat about one serving of everything!
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Love, love, love cold turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches.
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We have everything in tupperware right now. Basically I'm out of anything with a lid

Slowly over the next few days we'll finish it off. The desserts are going faster than the food though
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OK my first attempt was a huge success! Except I made too much and it turned out more like a thick turkey stew than soup. With fresh baked corn muffins (Jiffy) it was soooo good and filling! Mike had 2 bowls!!
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Sammichs here I come!

Treats for the rats too!
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