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Steve and Gigi

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I haven't had a lot of time to take pics because of work and renos but thought these two were cute.

Steve & Doofus Dog.

We were getting ready to tear a wall down and placed some sheets down to cover the floor. But Steve thought it was the perfect place to stretch out and take a break.

Close up of Gigi's beautiful face.
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They are so beautiful.
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those are great pics! those kitties are so cute!
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Steve and Gigi are beautiful. Thanks for the pictures!
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Beautiful kitties!
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Both kitties are just georgous....
Gigi has such an intelligent look about her.
I love your babies.
Steve and Gigi
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I love the new pictures! Gorgeous!
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Wow Kass!! Amazing photos, and beautiful babies
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Beautiful pictures, and absolutely adorable subjects.
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i am in LOVE with steve!
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My gosh Steve is SUCH a cutie!! I mean, who could resist that little baby face?!?!?!

Gigi is so pretty. She's got such a unique pattern and sweet little face.
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Aww too cute
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Oh my gosh there just darling , I love little orange boy and she's a doll baby.. I bet your having a great time
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Simply gorgeous pictures of your beautiful twosome!!! I swear, I could stare at your pictures all day long...just lovely, Kass!!
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Oh my goodness Kass those pics are absolutely gorgeous! Look at Steve, hes already posing for you He is so beautiful, I love him! And Gigi is just so regal and gorgeous, I love her, too.
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They are both just precious, but I have a huge soft spot for orange kitty boys. I would love to snuggle Steve and nibble those darling little ears.
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They are both sooo precious Kass. Beautiful pictures. I love them both.
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Oooooooo - they're so - SCRITCHABLE!

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They are so gorgeous Kass
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What beautiful pictures! I love em both!
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They are beautiful!!!!!
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