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not one, but two!

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so we went to the pound today and rescued our new little millie!! she is the funniest little thing and NOT shy at all! she is very active and will be a good play companion for max, though, he's afraid of her right now! the same lady who fostered millie fostered max. millie is about 4 months old, she had her since she was about 3 days, but the mother was also surrendered so she didn't have to bottle feed.


so then we headed to petsmart to get some new stuff and, geez, the were having an adoption day! they had some really cute ones, VERY playful ones, and then we saw sophie, and i fell in love all over again and just couldn't leave without her. she is a bit more timid, but as soon as i got her out from under my bed she is soundly sleeping snuggled up next to me on her cat bed. she is about 3 months old. now, take a look at her markings, she has the tabby markings on her face, but her body looks so tortie, and she has little black long hairs that come off the tips of her ears like a bobcat. what the heck is she??

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What a beautiful pair. I believe that Sophie is a tabico (calico with tabby markings).

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what gorgeous new additions!! congrats
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Two kittens are always more fun than one! Sophie is a pretty colored kitty!
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congratulations! They are adorable.
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They are both gorgeous!! Congrats on your new babies!!
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They are both adorable!!! Congratulations!
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You hit the jackpot.
They are both adorable.
You brought home a beautiful Tabby and a Tabico
It doesn't get much better than that.
Congratulations on your new family additions.
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Congrat's on your new babies! How exciting. Thier so lucky to have found a furever home
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Congrats on your two new little girls! They're so cute!
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what beautiful girls you found!! They are gorgeous!! I have never seen a cat colored like Sophie!! She really is a gem!!
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I class cats like Sophie as patched tabbies, they are both pretty.
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ohhh two new babies!! just lovely!!! I wish you the best of luck with them!
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