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Dust free cat litter

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Is there such a thing out there??? My computer sucks all the dust and smells like litter. Also the closet is collecting a lot of dust. I don't dust much but if there is a less dusty litter I'd be happy.
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Crystal or paper litters are a lot less dusty than clay. My cats, however, strongly prefer the clumping clay litter. I use Tidy Cat - it isn't as dusty as most. I also keep the litter box in an out of the way area so the dust doesn't cause too much of a problem.
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I use CatSan Hygiene Litter. It's a non-clumping litter and looks like tiny white stones. It has a very small amount of dust, and doesn't smell at all. My kitties love that stuff. It the best cat litter I've ever tried for smell and dust. I don't know if it's available where you are though.
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After years of clay dust everywhere in my home, I tried everything that wasn't clay based and finally settled on World Best Cat Litter Original formula, about a year ago.
It clumps naturally.
It took a month to fully transition my cats to the WB but what a difference....
I love it.
Good Luck
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I have tried feline pine clumping (scoop), papurr scoop (a clumping paper litter), world's best cat litter extra strength (corn-based clumping) and all of them had good and bad points...

Of those, the feline pine scoop was the dustiest, it's also the finest and lightest weight. I'm currently using a combination of papurr scoop litter and a corn-based litter (similar to WBCL) and I'm happy with the results.

I'd suggust trying WBCL. If I could afford it, that would be what I would use.

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