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Website has been updated!!

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For those of you that would like to see photos of the kittens I have updated my website (Link is in my signature) Also I have included a page of my brothers artwork based on the Characters out of Dune! If you scroll down on the Welcome page you will see a link there! Hope you enjoy it!
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Hurray for cute kitten pics. They are so beautiful! I love the gray one. Amy looks like such a good mommy.
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Awe how sweet!
Cute baby kitties

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cute cute cute
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What beautiful little babies!! I just adore the silver kitten. You're right, it's stunning. Of course, I also love the little cow-kit. That little multi-colored tail is just too adorable!
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The 'pewter' babe is mine!!!

Did I tell you my middle name is pewter?

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I love that little kittycow. He is a cutie. Show us more. Becky
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Fropm the looks of those kittens, Amy must have decided to spread the love around!
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
The 'pewter' babe is mine!!!

N'uh uh! That one is mine! I think s/he would like a name loke Trinket or Sterling!
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An excellent job!

Did anyone give you a hand?

I'm impressed


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kitty 1 kitty 2 kitty 3 kitty 4 kitty 5
Oh Leslie they are so adorable!!!!
Can you see already if they are male or female?
Do you still have time to do anything or are you only watching them all day?
Lots of good luck with them.

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Great job! Perfect place for us to get a kitty fix!
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As I told you yesterday, the little gray one looks like sterling silver! New life is miraculous. The little dark one who seemed to be black-- is he a tortie? I haven't figured it out yet. Nice job on the site.
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What beautiful kittens! I'm putting in my vote for the ginger baby as the cutest. I'm sure I join everyone else when I say "I want more piccies!"
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Thanks Guys!!! They really are so cute! I want to take more photos but have been feeling guilty about the whole thing. I will be posting more on the site hopefully later today and let you all know when it's up dated! Thank you for your love and support and for wanting to share in this beautiful time! Whilst it is wrong that Amy had more Kittens and I do feel bad about it, as most of you that know me will know it was not intentional!

But all that aside they are going to go to the vet that took the last 2 kittens and they will De-Sexed, micro chip and vaccinate them before selling them to new homes! At $129 each (Australian) I am sure they will go to people that care and can afford to look after them. With Amy I will get her De-Sexed before they are fully weaned as she was still feeding them a little when she got out! I will be adding a bit of info about the importance of De-Sexing on my site soon! As I don't want people to think it is okay for their cats to have kittens.

A really big thank you must go to me darling sweetheart Thomas Kat (whom I see has been doing Kitty patrol (looking after his territory so to speak) He has been teaching me how to do a website and also helping with the photos! He has also been such a great support with not only the cats/kittens but also over the last 24 hours! His commitment to me and my furbabies means a lot to me! And I thank him for that!

To those of you that have supported me through everything it means so much to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart also!
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Amy has such beautiful kittens! I love the little tri color baby!
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Oh, I want the cow kitty so much. Sadly, when I raised the possibility of getting another fuzzy baby with the other 2 legged being in my house, it wasn't met with resounding enthusiasm (he loves kitties, but thinks we need more room first - boo. He's probably right.)

Well done Bundy and Thomas Kat, great pictures, great site. I hope you have all the fun on earth with these little ones.

Bundy, thanks for looking after Amy and her babies like you have, and will. You have my total admiration - I don't think I could even have done it once.

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