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Small show brag :)

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Masmera is pleased to announce....


Grand Premier Masmera SinarSuria AND
Grand Premier Masmera PuteriAyu (Adik)


As desired, Suria granded on the 1st Day... actually he collected enough grand points to be granded in the US!!!!

Today... (or at least Saturday)

ADIK kicked ASS!!!!!! Again, she like Suria, gained enough points to be granded even in the US!

(It takes 25 points to Grand in Asia, 75 points in the US and both cats got over 80 on each day!)

To cap it off....we managed to grand Velle TOO!!!!!!

Full results when I'm more awake ....

BTW, Bulan finalled 5/8 rings...

So, friends, applaud me for being crazy enough to grand 5 cats (3 Grand Champions and 2 Grand Premiers) in the space of 4 measly months!

Can't you tell that I'm ecstatic????
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Wow!! That's excellent! Congrats to both you and your kitties. Of course it doesn't surprise me one bit, because you have the most beautiful, perfect Aby's I've ever seen.
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Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off
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Congratulations Adilah! Well deserved, enjoy it to the utmost!
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Congratulations Adilah
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Woooooo Hooooo! Congratulations! That is so awesome.

I was glad to see mention of Bulan too. I just adore Bulan. Any change you have pictures????? We don't get to see enough beautiful Abby pictures.
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Congratulations. That is a wonderful accomplishment!
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