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Need a Hug :(

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Hello all. I guess I just need a group hug or something. I am bawling
right now because I took my foster kitten Dewey to the Arlington Animal Welfare League to get adopted. I've had him since he was 5 weeks old _ and the neighobr's girl dumped him on me. GRRRR. Special bad place for those who dump cats!!!

I felt like I was betraying him the entire time I was driving there. He rode in the car, in his leash and harness - I didn't even have to put him in
a carrier.

He is the loveliest cat - I mean a real treasure - spirited, fiesty, loving demanding and oh so funny! He is/was 4.5 months old - the shelter intake lady put him down as 6 months - I wrote an email to get them to change it.

Younger cats go faster AND anyway, he's going to be huge.

I feel so sad. I would have kept him, but with my 18 year old being sick, the feral kitten needing to be socialized and my 2 indoor/outdoor former ferals, and the 14 ferals I'm TNRing, I felt over loaded.

I had to lock him up at night in the kitten room and he HATED that. Sigh.

He leash walks, goes for rides in cars, jumped in tubs with me, sat in the *dishwasher* lol, and did so many goofy fun things. He purrs a storm too.

Had such lovely long feather and soft fur. A lovely black n white dude with Main Coon genes...

Please, if anyone wants a kitten that will be a one in a million cat - go down to AAWL in Northern Va - if you live there - and look him over. He will be listed for adoption in 5 days (holding period). His adoption no. is A015867.

AAWL gets 67 percent of their cats adopted out. So, he has a good chance - excellent really of getting a home. I wasn't able to try hard enought with my own kitties and the 14 ferals I'm managing/TNRing.

Its such a struggle. How do you all do it? You foster parents out there??
I'm even already somewhat attached to Titi the flame/red point. Titi has had so many breakthroughs, I'd love to keep him, but know - he needs a good home too... I have too many cats to really care for him right. He has that special Siamese purrrsonality. Last night for the first time, he came on the couch and ASKED for cuddles and pets!!! And today, he is following me room to room, sleeping right now with me on the computer!!!

I need to get him a good home before I fall in love with him.

Anyway, if you have it your heart, please send/post suport message for me.
I really need it now. Its so hard to part with them, and you worry so much that they won't find a GOOD home. Sniff, sniff...
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He sounds like he should be adopted right away. And letting him go is allowing another family a chance at sharing the love.
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You do sound like you have your hands full. All those kitties are blessed to have you looking out for them. I hope Dewey finds the home he so greatly deserves!
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I've followed your threads and gone to your flickr page to see your pics. I know you have been doing your best.

Please pat yourself on the back. You're doing a great job.

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I understand how hard it is to part with the furbabies. I hope he finds a great home quickly!! What happens if he doesn't?
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Life has really handed you a lot lately, hasn't it? It's so obvious how hard you work to improve the lives of these animals, those that are yours, those you foster, and the ferals. It takes somebody really special to do those things to help the cats, and you're a special person. Please remember that!
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Im sorry for you - but look at it this way: perhaps now someone will be very happy with a new kitten and none of your other charges will suffer for it.
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Sending hugs for you and prayers that Dewey will find a loving forever home. He sounds like a wonderful cat!
I know exactly how you feel. I also have a feral colony and indoor cats. I find it so difficult that I will not take any more kittens in. I will spay and neuter but as for socializing, besides being tight on space, I just can't do it.
Please think of all of the good you are doing. You really are doing a great job for all of these cats. Keep up the good work.

Please keep us posted.
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Dewey is still at AAWL - but Titi, he got into Rescue.

All because Dewey wasn't around anymore to intimidate him.

And, my other guy Goose is now in house more.

He really really didn't like Dewey being around.

Its very hard to foster and give up, but somehow I do it.

done (5) personally now and given them up. V. v.
hard. Still they all went to good homes, that helped.

I've done more than 5 for SHORT times, 10 at last count
for 1-2 wks. Those were tiny kits that needed more
care than I could give and they also got great homes.

17 is my total on rescue so far. 2 of which wound up with
me, LOL. 2 ferals escaped me, but were fed, TNRd and UTD on
shots beofre getting away from me 2 of my personal cats
disappeared too - there were also strays that came to me.

Its an up hill battle...
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I'm sending plenty of {{{{homing prayers and vibes}}}} out to Dewey & lots of hugs to you
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