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When they were young.... (cuteness warning)

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I was looking at some photos of Radar when he was little and when I'd recovered from the cuteness I thought it would be nice to have a thread to share photos of our cats when they were little.

This is Radar when we first got him, his eyes were just changing colour

I want to see your kittens
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What a great idea for a thread! And Radar is sooooooooo cute!! Here are my babies as tiny babies:


Spooky Bear


And the rest who are still kittens, but these pictures are when they were much younger.


Captain Squishy


Lt. Bear





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Raven when I first got her (she was 9 weeks, is now 15 1/2 weeks):

Sparrow who still is this little, 6 1/2 weeks:
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Awww Look how little they are.

I didn't have a digital back then but I found some scanned pictures.

I am holding our first (RB)kitty Mittens. I think this was 1989 or a bit earlier.

Here is our second (RB)kitty Gus Gus taken in 1993.

This is Spunky from 2001. He is now 18lbs

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Awww what a great thread!

I don't have photos of Seb as a baby but here are some of Daphne.

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Ohh my goodness!!! These pictures are sooo cute!! I LOVE litle Radar's big ears in his baby pictures- how cute!!! He was a darling little kitten!
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All of your kittens are precious.
Could they have ever really been so tiny.

Here's my 16lb. boy Dexter, when he was a tiny kitten.

His Sister Sadie, both about 7 weeks old.

Here they are together...
my babies are now 7 1/2 years old.

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Georgi when we first got her , she was only 5 weeks and soo little

Tigger when we got him, he was around 8 weeks

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Angel and Tiger

Both going up daddy's shirt while he's playing on his PS2.
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What a great idea for a thread! They are all still adorable.
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They're all lovely, look at those cute little faces!

Is it wrong of me to want another kitten now my 2 are grown up?
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The first love of my life, (RB) Hippocrates:

My (RB) kitty Max shortly after we adopted him (8 months old):

My (RB) kitty Bogart the day we adopted him:


Scarlett and her brother Twinkletoes:

Muddy, Koko, Jake and Elwood right when orphaned:

Lucky Pierre and 2 of his littermates, moments after their mom carried them out of the woods and placed them by our house. A tornado destroyed the woods about 2 hours later. A fourth kitten (calico) was brought up the following morning:

Spanky and Oscar, about a week after someone dumped them on my property:

And Mojo, a foster of mine:
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Bella was already fully grown when I got them, but Stan was still a little guy:

You can see the difference here:

My big guy today:
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Awww, what a fun idea.


Leya was 6 months old, but only 3 lbs. Animal Control took her from her first home. She doesn't look any different now other than she's filled out, still a small cat though.

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Here's Tubee before he grew up.

When he was really little:

And a little older.

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Aw, there all so dangerously cute! And so itty bitty!
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It makes my heart melt when I look at these kitten pictures and remember how tiny our sweetie pies were.
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the cuteness of this thread....*dies*

I don't have any kitten pics of Mattie, I adopted her as an adult.

This is Chloe's petfinder pic. I don't know how old she is in this pic (that's her biological sister in the front). She was found by her foster mom at 4 weeks and I think that this might be around 9-11 weeks.

This is Chloe at approximately 12 weeks, when she first came home. This was only a few weeks ago, she's still a kitten.

Chloe, again at 12 weeks when she first came home.

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Tucker when he was just a wee baby:

And a bit older:


And a bit older.
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All of the cats I've had I got as adults. But I do have one baby picture each of my 2 RB kitties, Jake and Hallie

This is Hallie

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Here's Luna as a kitten (shes not a whole lot bigger):

Luna 1

Luna 2

Sorry Luna fans, the pics are HUGE!!!

Whitey when we first got him:
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