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So What Are Your Saturday Plans

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I have to go into work for a bit this morning but this afternoon is the Santa Clause Parade here in town so I am going to watch that. Then I guess it is off to Walmart to finish up a bit of shopping. I still need to pick up some more decorations and some small gifts for the office Christmas party that is next weekend.

I have to laugh at my boss, every year he says he wants to do it himself and every year a few days before he tells me to do it because he just doesn't know what to get...

This evening I am going to make some Christmas cookies and treats which I will freeze for now and use as gifts. I got that idea from some cooking show,
It is great for when you get invited to someones house for drinks or such.
You can grab a dozen or so out of the freezer, put them in a cute box and by the time you get where you going they are defrosted.
All in all it should be a fairly busy day.

So What Does Everyone Have Planned for Today?
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I was supposed to go up north to make apple pies with a gal from work (with her church group), but my Mom called this morning and asked me to come over and do some Christmas baking with her. Either way, looks like I'm going to be doing some baking!
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Today is Saturday? With the extra long weekend my days are SO messed up. I got up this morning and started to get ready for church. I then decided that yesterday somehow was Sunday and I forgot to go to church and then I got ready for class. Then my wife told me it was Saturday.
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TURKEY! Woo! I love turkey.
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There is company coming here anytime now and I get to visit with them and then go to work 2-8:30.

Such a fun Saturday I have planned.
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We are having a pajama day! We have a stack of movies to watch and I'm making chicken soup for dinner.
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I have 3 weeks (I think) left in the semester, so I'm basically starting my final project NOW.

I'm on page 27 of 90 of one PDF, and have another one that is 120 pages to read. My eyes are going to be: when I'm done.
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Going to meet Helen at noon MST and then doing some weatherizing to my apartment later in the day. That's all I have planned and I love it! I was wiped out after Thanksgiving.
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It's hubbys birthday so we are doing whatever he wants today. Which so far consists of him playing online with his friends. Oh well, more TCS time for me.
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John wants to go to town and do some shopping today. But I'm still waiting for him to get up. I like to get up early and go but it's already 12:30 and he's still not up and ready to go yet!
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I planned a lazy saturday but managed to make it a little more exciting by starting the oven on fire for lunch.
Everything is fine. Hoping to get back to the lazy day I was hoping for.
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Once I fully wake up (we were up until 2:30 am, partially from playing Starcraft together against the computer), and get Tyler fed, then myself and dh fed , it's laundry, pack orders, do some shopping online and then this afternoon it's the famed Apple Cup - GO Huskies!!!

Dinner will be more leftover apple wood smoked turkey (poor dh, this is a new to us smoker and it took forever...we had Thanksgiving dinner at about 10 pm at night!)

I may, may...start writing up my Christmas cards too.
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I have to say I've had a really productive day....I succeded in getting the house cleaned up AND my Christmas tree up......don't have it decorated, mind you, 'cuz I want to see how the two "teenage" guest kitties and the wee little SweetPea are going to react.......must go find squirt bottle.........
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Well I started the day by putting away my fall decorations then loaded up the truck and went to my last commercial container job for the year. Stopped and picked up chinese for lunch and then put up some more foam hot/cold water pipe insulation tubes.

Went to plant the mums I salvaged from the containers and twisted my ankle badly......
So I made a few treks to the garden hobbling slowly. Drained my small water garden and now sitting with my ankle up. Gonna have to ice it as its throbbing quite a bit.

Well I have a couple of movies to watch as I watched Hairspray last night. I'll have the ankle up for sure.
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I have work from 7-4 today. (i'm on my lunch break at the moment.) After work i'm going to clean the house for a bit and maybe take a quick nap. Then i plan to fix some dinner and wait for Colin to get back in town
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