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Early Christmas pressies!!

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In the last 2 weeks, I've received some ealry Christmas presents from some very dear people here on TCS. I wanted to take the time out to say "THANK YOU" to you both......

Rigel and Gema (Coolcat) sent Jerry and I these from Mexico.....they even has our names on them!!! Thank you so much Amigos!! Rigel y Gema, su amistad y bondad que usted ha dado a Jerry y soy algo que atesoraremos siempre. ¡Ustedes son amigos verdaderos en cada sentido de la palabra!

Then yesterday I come home to a box filled with kitty and kitty moewmy presents from Jill. (SillyJilly) Very very sweet Jill! Thank you so much!

This kitty is the cutest thing! You push a button and it sings and bops around to a Christmas carol song.

Now the gnome I really had to laugh at.......these gnomes are either a nightmare or alot of fun for TCSers to receive. (stems from an old thread/joke)........I am the latter. I think they are adorable!!

Even the kitties got toys that they love.....thanks Jill and Kitters, SO MUCH!

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Those are some nice gifts! Congrats! I hope to get to know some people well enough one day where I will be able to do that.
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You very Welcomed my dear friend! deserved that and more my dear friend!........

BUT I have to tell you that your " Customs Inspectors " are doing so well his Job!...
to inspectionating all about it!,... even the New inspector, Bayley!!! adorable pic´s my friend!!!!
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You are welcome Susie! I just love that kitty so much, I darn near tinkled myself listening to it! I had to buy one for myself first to make sure it was worth having! And since your christmas squirrel may need some company I thought it'd be perfect for you!
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Ooooh! I like the kitty of course and Rigel those are really beautiful!
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Tiggy keeps knocking over the wooden kitty from Rigel!
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Awwww, how sweet!! Very nice stuff too
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Aww how thoughtful of them to get you such great gifts!!
Those are some unique gifts that you got Lucky you!!
Your kitties even got some exciting toys, how sweet!
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Such wonderful gifts from wonderful people
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The gnomes will never die, will they?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
The gnomes will never die, will they?
I don't think so!
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