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Monday DT

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Hello all,
I am so pooped, went out to Morganton yesterday to see the Two Towers as it was open captioned. That movie does not do NZ any justice - its actually more beautiful that the movie shows.
Looks like I am out of bread so I cant have my vegemite on toast. *sniffle*
Kahu is playing with me as I type this, he is such a sweetheart, his personality is getting more and more sweeter every day.
Oh its going to be a warm day, thank goodness!!!!!!! It was so warm yesterday, we really enjoyed the day out. Nice to get the heck out of this little town.

I have no plans today, trying to find Penka a home, shes very tough!

Have a wonderful day all!
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I'm going to bed now after an evening of eating pizza and drinking some brewskies with my hubby and brother. I will be asleep for most of the day so I hope all of you have nice sunny warm and stress-free day!
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I took off work today because I woke up at 2 am with a migraine. Thankfully, my boss didn't call and tell me to take 2 Tylenol and come in, like he did the last time I took off because of a migraine(Yes, he was joking, but was also a bit serious)

So, Ivo doesn't quite know what to do with me being around. I'll probably go run an errand or 2 later, just so I can get out of her hair

Hope everyone has a nice day!
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Busy day at work! Only dropping by occasionally. In a good mood today for some unknown reason. Everyone - if you get the chance please check out my post in the health and nutrition forum. Thanks

My MIL may get out of the hospital today. I hope this time she can stay out!

Have a great day!
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I just had to run a couple of errands, today.

We went to the Gem & Mineral Show, yesterday (there are venues, all over town). I got a gorgeous sterling silver bracelet, set with 9, three-carat cabochon amethysts. It was only $11.00! There was, also, a guy selling tie-dyed clothes and I bought two of the cutest rompers, for the babies. One is in blues and greens, the other is red, yellow and orange.

Tomorrow, Pearl becomes a permanent spinster. I have to have her at the Humane Society's clinic, at 7:00 a.m. Ike will have to wait, until I get home, to be fed. Hopefully, this surgery will calm her down a bit.

Happy Monday.
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WE GOT SNOW YESTERDAY!!!! Winter has finally come to Colorado, and we direly need it. I got about 6 inches at my place.

Not much going on today. Just work as usual. Of course, I'm ready to go home already, but still have almost 4 hours to go.
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I went home from work early I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday shoveling snow out of my driveay,woke up in bad pain,as soon as my boss saw my she sent my home,came home and took 2 muscle rexelers[sp] slept 4 hours,going back to bed shortly!
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Was out of town today (business meeting)....Missed you guys!!!!!!!

Kellye, hope you got some rest....and bread!!!!

Tamme.....are you still sleeping??? If not....hope you had a good rest also.

Vikki, Christy....take care of yourselves. I hate being sick. And Christy...some people don't understand migraines. They honestly believe tylenol does the trick. I know differently....hope yu migraine went away.

Ady...that's great news about your MIL. Sending 'stay healthy' vibes her way.

Cindy, those rompers sound too cute!

Heidi.....wooohooo. Maybe you and hubby can have a snowball fight!!!!

Sherral...take care of your back. That's a pretty delicate thing. You don't want to overdo it. Hope your relaxants and rest worked and you feel better.

Well....I have some Avon work to do and then I'm off to bed.

See you guys tomorrow!
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