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Went to brother's home for Thanksgiving yesterday and got to see the enclosure they have built for their 7 cats. They had Kook for years as an only cat and now have 6 more since they started rescuing the strays that came into their yard.

The enclosure is a dog run 12 ft deep, 7 ft wide and 6 ft high. My brother used rebar across the top to stabalize and also connected the entire structure to the house. The cats come and go from a basement window. They have added some bamboo, a log, bales of hay which has begun sprouting grass, a chair to sit in while visiting. It is a huge hit with the feline family members.

Some of the photos were taken inside the enclosure and some from the outside. I cannot remember all the names

I really want one like this someday!

continued ....
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Here is C.C.:


Kook and C.C.:

This is Eva, I fell in love with her

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That enclosure is a great idea, and it looks to be a big hit with the kitties!
Is Kook OK with this new gang of brothers and sisters?
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Thanks for posting these pictures! What a great idea! I've wanted to put in an enclosure for my girls, but was having a difficult time trying to figure out how they could access it without losing air conditioning in the summer. If I used one of the basement windows, it would be SO much easier to put in a cat flap entrance to reduce the loss of cool air (I run the AC all summer and into late fall...I hate being too warm!!!) I'm going to start researching enclosures now!
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Kook seems to do well with the others. They had all the cats in the basement so they couldn't run outside with all the people going in and out that day. They have a twin bed down there where Kook slept the day away even with people and cats all over the place. He's a very mellow guy.

Let me know if you have any questions about how they set up the enclosure. I am sure I forgot to mention something. Oh, they have bird feeders in the larger trees outside it so birds come to entertain the cats

They started with Kook, then decided to adopt a cat from the HS who is C.C. Then, a pregnant cat came looking for food. She was tough to catch but they managed to get the kittens when they were born. There were three and only one survived. They were so sick She became pregnant again, had three more. One of those died but the other two are good. Eva is one of those kittens. Momma is one of the grey striped cats but cannot remember which one. There is a gorgeous black cat, too but couldn't get a photo of her.

They have one more stray outside who is very afraid of strangers but sister-in-law has her coming to her for food. Her eyes are very red and sickly. They want to get her taken to the vet and integrate her into the home when she is well. I got a few shots of her before she ran away. Her name is Bunny:

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Wow, i'm impressed!! THAT'S what i wanted ours to look like
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Wow, i'm impressed!! THAT'S what i wanted ours to look like
I was thinking of you when I took the photos They said they were going to go with a smaller dog run but figured with 7, soon to be 8, cats they should go for the largest they could afford. I think the run (it was pre-made) cost around $250US. The other stuff they have added a bit at a time over the last 5 months.

This is what it looked like before they added anything:

They bought the hay from a feed store - added bonus is that it is sprouting so the cats have more grass to eat. The bamboo came from her mother's yard. Log from a neighbor. My brother built the larger shelf near the back with scrap lumber. He works at a building supply place so that's easy to get.

I love it, too. Nice to know I am not the only crazy cat person in my family
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