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Vibes needed for My Daughter

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I need to ask for vibes from you all for my oldest Daughter
My Oldest Daughter is in the Hospital she had a Heart Attack and is going to have to have Angioplasty on Monday they are also concerned she may have something wrong with one of the Valves and will check that to.
I hope she doesn't have to have Surgery. Shes pretty scared but she sounded pretty good. I tried to reassure her that they do these kinds of things everyday and she will be fine, She is not a real healthy person for 43 she has Diabetes for one witch has never been under control.
I hope she learns to take better care of herself.

I would be grateful for the vibes..Thanks bunches
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Vibes coming your way from over here in Australia for your daughter and for you too.


for you both too.

I hope everything goes well for her and she makes a full recovery quickly.
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I will keep her in my prayers.
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Lots of vibes for your daughter Lois.
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My dad had a heart attack at 43 (February) he too was very unhealthy for his age. He is now healthier than he has ever been for 15 years after they did the Angioplasty. They found 3 completely deflated ataries. He now has diabetes which he was diagnosed with 3 weeks after he came out of hospital. He is looking after himself.

I'm sure your daughter will be fine, and will start to look after herself now. My dad's heart attack shocked him into giving up smoking for heavens sake!!! I never thought he would!!!!

Lots of vibes for your daughter.
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Your daughter is so young.
Medical advances can do wonders with heart issues.
You both will be in my prayers Lois.
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Your daughter is in my thoughts and prayers.
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How scary! Plenty of the going you and your daughter's way
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I hope everything goes well with her appointment.
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Oh Lois, sending mega huge vibes for your daughter. And huge vibes to you, too.
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Oh no Lois......that´s awful....

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for her! for a soon recovery

and you don´t give up!
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Oh no Lois, how scary

I am sending many vibes for her safe and healthy recovery
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Lots of vibes for your daughter, Lois!
And a big for you!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Lots of vibes for your daughter, Lois!
And a big for you!
and take care of yourself
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Kitters and I are sending lots and lots of for you both!
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Lois...Many prayers and vibes for Shelley Huge hugs to you Lo
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Lots of that your daughter gets through this - and that you get through it along with her!

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Oh, Lois. Tons and tons of for your daughter, and for you.
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She is going to be just fine! We have to stay positive, and don't not for one minute ever have a doubt!!! Then we all pray for her! She is young, she is my age! That always helps when your a bit younger!! I'll pray for her recovery, and that she starts taking better care of herself, that she will be given the
knowledge to succeed in acomplishing this! I'll say the same for myself!
Your in my prayers also! Rest up cause she will need someone strong around
that will give her support!!!
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Lots of healthy heading her way Lois. Like you say they've come a long way in medical science and they can do wonders these days
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poor thing! I will keep her in my prayers! (and you!)
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I will be praying for her!
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Your daughter is in my thoughts.
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It is awful when we see our kids (even when they are grown-up!) sick or unhappy and can't help them - after all, that is what mums are for. But I am sure she is in the best of care and I hope she gets all her problems sorted out.
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Many and prayers for your daughter's quick and complete recovery, Lois. And to you.
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Sending prayers for your daughter! My MIL had the same thing happen seven years ago, so she quit smoking and started taking better care of herself and her health is good now!
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OH my, sending lots of your daughter's way. And some for you wouldn't hurt either
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A little update, first let me say Thanks for all the Prayers and vibes.
She seems to be doing OK the Dr was in earlier and they are going to do Angioplasty on Monday if that doesn't work they will do the stint and go from there. They really don't know how much damage there has been, he told her you may be 43 but you have the Heart of a 55 year old from having the diabetes for so long.. So we will find out on Monday...Thanks again to all of you
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Sending more vibes to her and to you.
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Oh no Lois! Sending huge your way!!
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