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*HUGS* for Bundylee because it seems like she needs them

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*BIG HUGS* for you Leslie because I return to the board and see you have been getting a hard time again.

I know the original post has been closed but I missed it so here I am because I just wanted to say my piece and be done with it.
For goodness sake people we all read how distressed Leslie was when Amy got out and fell pregnant. She was so upset and asked for everyone's advice in a post...and most of you responded in that thread from memory.
Leslie took in Amy as a stray when she was already pregnant...not many people would do that. As for her recent escape and pregnancy, who would have guessed she would be ready to mate again so soon and bust out through a screen door. It's not like Leslie knew what she was dealing with. I certainly would not have been prepared for what happened. I don't know anything about females being on heat and how determined they are to get out. Otherwise I would have warned her. Perhaps the advice would have been better to give back when the first litter was born and weaned so she knew ahead of time. Remember we're not all experienced with this.
I definitely agree that you should have asked her via a PM to edit the message and remove the joke or clarify it. I know Leslie and guarantee she would have done so straight away. I guess us Aussies have a different sense of humour. Leslie probably didn't even realise at the time that it might not be taken as a joke. This is the net and sometimes we forget that people can't see or hear our tone when we say things. Yes she acted defensively and I would have too because she was rained down upon pretty hard and anyone that knows her and the story of Amy knows that it just wasn't called for.
I understand that this is a cat welfare site and you are trying to educate cat owners but Leslie is a wonderful person to her cats and is certainly not deserving of that. To actually hint that Leslie would purposely bring harm to Amy by breeding her too young and too often was just not nice at all. I've never met anyone more loving and caring of her furbabies. New people seeing that certainly would have been educated, the hard way, and probably turned away rather than encouraged to stick around.
I cannot find the original post either and have searched through the list of her posts looking for it. I did find this one though:
which was around the same time and touches on the issue anyway.

So anyone new to the world of female cats read this and be prepared...apparently they are ready to mate again soon after weaning kittens...and they will get out of your house even when you think they can't. They are very determined little girls, so get them spayed asap.

Sorry to resurrect the issue but I couldn't let this go by without saying something and sending some hugs Leslie's way...
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Just agreeing with Louise.
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Hi Louise - I didn't see the issue when it came up recently, but I did see Leslie's original post about Amy when she came home again, and yes, she was completely stricken.

I don't have anything more to add to the recent thread, as it seems it was not going to resolve itself there, but please let Leslie know I'm thinking of her, and hope she doesn't go away and stay away. She has added so much to the board, and a lot of us would miss her.

If you read this Leslie, hi mate, take care, hugs to you and your fuzzies, from me and mine!

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Very well said Louise!
Here! Here!
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HUGS to Leslie!
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Hang in there, Bundy. *HUGS*

But, for goodness' sake, get that little floozy spayed ASAP. She's getting a terrible reputation, as a tramp. Can't have the neighbors thinking that you're running a home for wayward kitties.
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Ha. I think that she *is* running a home for wayward cats. Soon the word will spread, and all sorts of homeless pregnant cats will be arriving on the doorstep. Or little boxes with tiny kittens inside and a note that says "Please look after my baby".
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Leslie - all I have to say is Love ya babe!
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Hugs for Leslie!
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I think was Leslie is doing is Wonderful. She's a responsible pet owner and has and will do everything that is required of her to maintain animal health in her community.

WTG Leslie, you have beautiful furr-babies on your hands that probably wouldn't have made it far into this world if it wasn't for you. Bless your big open heart!
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Louise Thank you so much for your wonderful words! I feel very humbled by them! I also want to say it takes a lot for you all to do this and I understand and appreciate this more than you will know! You have all made me feel so much better and my heart and friendship goes out to you all and always will. Thank you all! I am so upset by what has happened and I feel my time here will be very limited for reasons that will become clear! I hope you all know that you can contact me by email and I would love to stay in touch! I appreciate your support so much! I realise it is difficult to show that support because you are in danger of being tarred with the same brush so please don't let that happen over me.

I think the babies are indeed beautiful little miracles of life! I love them, am proud of them and will look after them! Even though this should not have happened I will not abandon them or be made to feel guilty about them! They will be on my site and it will be updated with photos as they grow please feel free to drop in anytime you need a kitten fix, it is anonymous and you won't have to get in trouble for loving them!

Yes Amy is a tart LOL but as one Mod said 'I shouldn't be so hard on myself as it is in their nature to breed and they will stop at nothing to do so!' But this time I will do more! I am not ashamed any more of what happened, I can't change the past I only have some control over the future! So I will love them and Amy with all my heart and take my silly photos and enjoy the wonderful experience of having them having the run the house.

I will not be involved in rescuing again. I am not capable of doing it properly! But I will make sure they all get good homes!
Thank you all again.

Lot's of love and hugs
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No problem my friend.
I am enjoying this shade of nice black tar and Draco thinks it's cool because now I really do look like his mummy...LOL
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I don't know what else to say so.....(((HUGS)))
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mmmm black tar, the perfect cat suit...hmm tastes like molasses.

Too bad you live in Australia mate, I'd adopt any of those precious babies that you couldn't find a home for, please don't leave. Just because some people didn't think to talk to you about private matters in a private e-mail and it consequently got out of control doesn't mean you should leave! My Goodness Leslie, we love you! . You have been there for many of us, many of times, and this site wouldn't be the same without you!
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I know that I've discussed it with you before...but please don't leave! But if you do decide that you must, I do hope that we can stay in contact with each other. You are a wonderful person with a heart of gold and I value you as a friend. I hope that someday if I ever make it "down under" I could actually meet you. You seem to have the same out look in life that I do and your humor is just out of this world. I'm sure you are just as sweet and funny in person as you are in your posts.

Plus...How will Harry and Tiki ever move on in their "relationship" with each other? Poor little Tiki would be heartbroken...and I'm sure Harry would be too! LOL!

Anyway...Please keep in touch regardless of what happens with the current issues. I'm supportive in your decisions and I'm always here for you if you need anything.
Take care Mate and give all those furry little babes loves from me!
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