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Both are in heat!!

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I admit that I am clueless, but this has really thrown me! Both of our kittens are about 6 1/2 months old now, and we are just settling into winter. I did NOT expect them to go into heat yet!! I assumed I had until the beginning of the year. What happened to cats going into heat at the end of winter of early spring??? And for them both to start at the same time??? Of course being a holiday we could not get in touch with the vet.

What to do now? I put in a call to have them fixed as soon as they can, but do I need to wait until this is over? And then when it is over, how much time will I have to sneak it in?

I am terrified they are going to spray. What I read on line sounds like I should expect this. If they do, how do I deal with it???

Oh how I wish I had it done last month!!!
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Are we talking about females here? If so, it is cheaper to wait until after they go out of heat. Or if they both different sexes, your biggest problem will be keeping them separated. On the other hand, if they are males, the sooner the better.
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Sorry. They are both female
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Spaying in heat usually cost more & is a bit more risky because there is more blood there....it's more complicated.

It is up to you & your vet to decide if you will spay them now, or wait until their heats are over.

Keep a very close eye on them with doors, they want out bad! I wouldn't be concerned about spraying in females....

Cats can go into heat at 4 months old, being indoors they don't wait for seasons.
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First of all, take a breath...this is not a disaster, just a bump in the road!

I doubt they'll resort to spraying in their first heat. Just call the vet on Monday and make an appointment for their spay. Ask the vet how far in advance to make it...a week or two I would think.

Be extremely careful that they do not escape!
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I had a girrly that sprayed everywhere but she didn't due it in her first heat and it was my own stupidity for not getting her spayed right then. Talk to your vet and see what they say, you never know what different vets prefer to do! I hope they dont spray before you get em fixed though as I heard that it could mean they could do it forever! Good Luck with it, it'll be okay, getting them spayed isn't as big of a deal as you think! (on the other hand dont ever get them declawed, I did that once, it was disasterous to say the least, I couldn't handle seeing my poor babies in that kinda pain! Save a paw, dont declaw!) Let us know how it works out!
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Many indoor cats will call year round, I wouldn't worry much about spraying just yet.

Usually the first call is quite weak and doesn't last long, they will get stronger though the more it goes on so do get an appointment set up.

Breeders with several queens often find they all call at around the same time, when one starts it seems to set the other off.
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Yes, the come into heat at all seasons. Daphne was just 4 1/2 months I got her fixed while she was in heat and she did well health-wise
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