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Flu Shots

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I got my flu shot today and was wondering how they affect other people who have had them.

I am lucky, I have been getting them for several years and the worse side affect that I have had is a sore arm and a bit of a headache. However, I have heard from a number of people that they get quite sick from them.

What have your experiences been with them?
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I got mine yesterday. Usually I get a really sore and heavy arm. This year, I could barely tell I got one. It hurt a little bit when I laid down to go to sleep last night and that was it. After my experience a few years ago when I got a tetanus shot, I get really nervous about my reaction to needles. I ended up with a huge bump on my arm (bigger than the size of a toonie) and it really hurt.
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I got mine the day before yesterday, and my upper left arm is really hot and sore right now. My doctor told me there were more reports than usual this year of adverse reactions, and to come back immediately if there was any swelling. No swelling here, so I'm not expecting complications.
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I got mine back in the 1st or 2nd week of October. No side effects what so ever.
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Our whole family got ours about a month a ago, no side effects
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I got my flu shot a few weeks ago and luckily I didn't have any side affects from it.

I think I actually had the flu before I got the shot. I had a horrible chest cold and stomach problems (running to the bathroom alot). I actually lost 15 pounds.
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I got mine a few weeks ago. No problems, but I noticed the area was sore a pink a lot longer than usual; but it wasn't a problem, and it went away by itself.
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When I got mine last year my arm was badly swollen and I was sick for a week, it seemed like it took forever to get over it too.
Matt gets it and has no adverse reactions though, so it is just my reaction - nothing to do with the batch etc
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The first flu shot I ever got was back in the '90s sometime -- back when they made the serum with live viruses (they use only killed viruses now). That year, I got the shot about noon, on my way to do post-production on a video, and by 2:00, I was literally directing the edit from a fetal position on the floor. Chills and fever and aching pains all over -- it hit me like a freight train! And then it eased off, and by 6:00, I was able to drive home.

But since they've stopped using live viruses, I've never had much of a reaction at all. They say if you're already developing the flu when you get the shot, it can hit you pretty hard, though... I hope that's not what's happening to you!
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I got my flu shot a few weeks ago. It wasn't a big deal- no pain at all, just a little soreness in my arm.
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My daughter and I had ours done together a few weeks ago. I had no reaction whatever (never do) but her arm swelled up quite badly and itched for a few days.
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Got mine a week ago and the only side effect I've had was some nauseousness the next day. I just laid down and felt better after a nap. (It could've been something i ate, too.) Nephew's wife had a lot of side effects from hers.
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I got my flu shot a couple of weeks ago. So far, I have never had a bad reaction to a shot. (knock on wood).
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