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Goodbye Amber we will miss you loads.

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Tonight Amber dragged herself about 100yards and through the cat flap and into the kitchen, crying in pain. we got her to the vet straight away and confirmed our suspisions that she had been hit by a car, she had a damaged spleen, both her back legs were cold and no feeling in her tail. I would not have hesitated at the estimate of £1400 to operate and treatment, but as the vet said if she lived it would be unlikely she could ever walk again. Myself and the wife stayed with her while she was put to sleep, she looked up at us with those lovely green eyes as much as to say Hey! what are you two crying over. we have brought her home with us and will give her a special place under the tree where she would always relax in.

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she was lovely i'm glad you were able to be with her at the end
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What a gorgeous little girl Amber is as well, i'm so sorry

Have a wonderful time at the bridge Amber, all your new friends are waiting at the other side to take you to your new home

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She was absolutly beautiful. You did what was right! The poor thing, she's walking across the bridge right now!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Amber was a beautiful cat. Rest in peace, little one.
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RIP, little Amber.
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RIP Sweet Amber What a lovely girl she was!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Amber was a beauty. RIP sweet girl.
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I am so sorry for your loss, It is good that you could be ,with her as she passed.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Amber..
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I'm sorry. Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Amber.
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I am so very sorry for your loss .... Rest In Peace Amber, she is whole now
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Thanks all for the words of comfort. It was a full moon that night and Amber was in one of her full moon moods Not 30 minutes before she went outside she was pulling herself along the bottom of the sofa by clawing her front paws, eyeing up the curtains, looking around at us as much as to say go! on! tell me not to but I am still gonna climb them She then started to annoy Minnie who was asleep by giving her a bit of a tap on the head, we told her to behave herself but thankfully we were not to harsh with her as it was not long after she wandered off outside. She was the most relaxed cat I have ever come across, she was never aggressive. She was just our chilled out furry, cuddly, Scrumball.

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Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. Amber was beautiful
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She certainly was, I am upset as it is but the wife is going to feel it more, its now 6.15am and it is around now that Ambie would come up jump on the bed and start tapping her on the head (time for some breakfast mum!) Milo knows there is something up as well. It will take time, but we have lots of happy pictures and fond memories of her, just a pity she was taken from us at such an early age. Thanks
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What a truly beautiful kitty Amber was! I'm so sorry that she was struck down the way that she was... How devastating for you!

For what it's worth, I think that you made the right decision. She may have lived, but her quality of life would have been seriously affected, and think, where she is now, she's whole. I always find it touching when pet owners are able to give their pets the greatest gifts of all -- a forever home, and peace when it's time to let them go.

It takes such love to make that difficult decision. Clearly you loved her.
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She was certainly loved alright, everyday. She would always jump up on the wifes lap and roll on her back, that was the time for a scratch and an all over gentle body massage ( which she loved ). Then came the ten minute brush finished off with a tummy rub. I have now laid her to rest along with her favourite little green mouse and brown mouse, they were the first ones we bought for her when we got her, and she would show no intrest in any other toys after. Repeatedly we would throw the mouse across the kitchen floor, she would scramble after it, back legs struggling to get some grip
She would then pat it all across the floor pushing it under the floor standing bookshelf, then she would turn and look at us with those sad eyes untill one of us got down on the floor got the torch and squeezed our arm under the small gap to retrieve it for her, this she would never tire of. Before I said my last goodbyes to her I took her in to see Milo who was on the sofa, he gave a little meow and licked her ear three times before pulling his head away from her, I think that needed to be done. Whenever I am around on the forum I can now look out of the window and see her in the garden just chilling out as usual.

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I'm so sorry about Amber. At least she was able to make it back home to the two of you where she knew you loved her. She looks so precious in those pictures. Bless her little heart and rest in peace.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. Rest in Peace Amber.
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Im so sorry! You did the right thing! As I look at the pics of her I think that she was really happy and probably wouldnt have a very good quility of life IF she lived. Putting her out of her misery is the nicest thing anyone can do for another living creature. Its also the hardest, but the best when there is pain involved!
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Oh I'm so sorry for your loss! She was such a beautiful girl!

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I'm terribly sorry you lossed your baby Amber. May she live on in your hearts forever and be free from any pain. Rest in peace beautiful Amber.
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Condolences on your sad loss of Amber. How thoughtful of you to let Milo say his last farewell to her - that certainly gave him the chance to begin his own grieving and healing process. Now Amber is able to chase moonbeams all over the Heavens
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I am so sorry about Amber, she's so beautiful...I hope someday you and your wife can take comfort in your memories if her Rest in Peace Amber
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I've only been coming to this site for a few weeks. I finally got the courage to come to the Rainbow Bridge thread tonight. I feel compelled to comment after reading everyone's posts. It's amazing the unconditional love we share with our cats. I am glad there are so many people out there that feel the same as my family does. Cats are wonderful loving creatures.

RIP sweet Amber.
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