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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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My kitten Speck has had bloody diarrhea a few times, but his regular vet has never been able to determine the problem. Recently, I came home from work to find my kitty lethargic and obviously feeling very bad. He kept going to the litter box but was unable to have a bowel movement. He was vomiting. Fearing a bowel obstruction, we rushed him the Emergency Animal Hospital. His labs and x-rays were fine, but he did have a temp of 104.0. The vet there diagnosed him with inflammatory bowel disease, which he says is common in cats. He was given a steriod shot, nausea meds and antibiotics. By the next morning, he was back to his playful self. What can I do to prevent another episode of this from happening? He eats canned food, though we leave dry food down for the cats to nibble on. He is extremely spoiled and has assumed the role as "dominate cat" in our household, so I don't think stress would be a factor. Sorry for the lengthy question, but if anyone out there has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Don't ever want to see him go thru anything like this again. Thanks so much!
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ANY changes in the household recently... evan something as simple as a furniture rearrage??

what are you feeding >> wet , dry , both ??
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I have no direct experience with IBD in my cats but based on my reading/research the key is to find a diet that will not irritate kitty's intestinal tract. You should start with unique protein and carbohydrate sources that your cat has not eaten before. I know some members here have had luck with venison or duck. Natural Balance makes canned foods using one protein and one carbohydrate source that are supposed to be hypo-allergenic. My cats eat and like both. Here's a link to a good article about IBD.

Good luck and positive thoughts to you and your kitty. I hope he's feeling better and doesn't have a recurrence of acute IBD.
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The only unusual thing that has happened recently was that I was hospitalized for almost two weeks with a GI bleed. After I came home, Speck was very sweet and loving for a few days. As soon as I was feeling better, he went right back to stalking me like a lion again (lol). He eats primarily Fancy Feast canned cat food, but we keep IAMS or Science Diet dry food down all of the time. Though I adopted him from the animal shelter as a DSH, I am almost positive he is a Bengal mix (he has the spots, the walk, and the fascination with water). I wonder if that could have any bearing on the type of food he needs? Thanks for all your help and well wishes. Everyone is so nice on this website.
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ohh I dont know what to tell you! Did they test him for anything other that that?? Some other kitty diseases cause some of that! I hope it goes ok, sending good your way!
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You are likely going to want simple foods ... natural choice by nutro .... the duck and pea by natural balence ... sensible choice by royal canin are all simple ...

also yes wet food s that are simple... read the labels aim for one meat and one starch / grain////
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