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Annual Fits

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We adopted our cat from a rescue home in October 2005. On November 21 2005 she sufferred a fit which caused us great distress. A visit to the vet confirmed no obvious issues other than a mild liver infection for which medication was provided. She suffered on further fit on 6 June 2006 and then another on 22 November 2006. Again the vet could provide no explanation, other than it was a rare occurrance. She then sufferred a fourth fit on 21 November 2007. Is anyone able to provide any explanation as to why these fits occur regulalry every 12 months to the day, as my vet is unable to provide any answers? Is it just coincidence or could there be other reasons?
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Are you sure she is not have seizures at any other times?

The only thing I can think of is someone is giving the cat something toxic that is causing seizures. A deliberate dosing is the only thing that would cause an annual occurrence, on the exact same day, every year. Nature just doesn't work that way.

I am thinking she is having them more frequently, but they are not being observed. Do a search for "feline seizures" and quite a few informative links come up. This may shed more light on what is going on with your kitty.
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You could finding a cat only clinic with someone who may have more experience dealing with odd health problems.

And as kittymonsters suggested, is there anything special that you put out at this time of year? Decorations, plants? Maybe an anniversary or birthday and someone is getting special flowers?
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