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Cold Ears

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This is odd but I figured I'd ask. Sometimes my cats ears feel cold to the touch when petting them and other times they feel normal. Is this any indication I am keeping the house too cool or is it normal? It happens with both cats. They never seem uncomfortable or show any behavior like trying to find warm spots around the house indicating they are cold.

Any feedback appreciated.

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my last cat often had cold ears in the winter, but never showed any other signs of discomfort - I'd rub them warm for her, which she seemed to like. My two kittens also get cold ears, I think it's normal for all cats - ears are very thin and don't have a lot of blood vessels, so it would take too much energy to keep them warm. They probably don't really feel it - I don't usually feel it when my hands are cold as they're cold most of the winter. You could try ear muffs, but I doubt the cats would apppreciate it...
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Ear temperature can sometimes indicate normal hormonal fluctuations over the course of the day. Thyroid hormones, for example, range during the day, and with Spot, I often noticed a correlation between his ear temperature and his thyroid levels (he was hyperthyroid, so I could sort of predict what his tests were going to show when we were checking on how well the medications were controlling the disease).
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