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Meow TV

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I just heard that Meow TV has launched on the Sci-Fi channel for 2003.
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I'm oblivious......what is Meow Tv??
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Thanks Kellye, I had lost that link---
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Thanks! I felt dumb asking, but I really had no clue!!
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Squirrel watches the Discovery Channel all the time- it is to funny. She stands up and puts her paws on the bottom of the television screen and just stays there for long minutes watching the animals on the screen.
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Oh great... Cooper will is gonna turn into a couch potatoe!
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Binky used to watch the discovery channel when she was younger.(not so much any more) I remember many times wanting to turn the channel but not because thats what the cat wanted to watch!
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That is great! I actually get the Sci-Fi channel here!!!!
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Snowball doesn't actually watch TV, but he does like to cuddle in my lap when I'm watching a program. I still want to see if Meow TV catches his attention. It sounds interesting.
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Bud and Echo could care less about the TV, but little Tiki LOVES it. Most of the time she's laying right in front of the TV. She especially loves Football (she was more interested in the Super Bowl than the rest of the family!) and enjoys NASCAR Sundays. It must be all the movement on the screen. It's quite funny to watch her...her poor little head is just moving back and forth constantly. Finally she get so pooped out, she just props her head on the entertainment center so she doesn't have to hold her head up. She's so goofy...I'll have to turn Meow TV on sometime and she was she does. It's actually more entertaining to watch the cat than it is to watch the programs! LOL!
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Razpy(utin) Productions presents:

Celluloid Boids!
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Well I'm excited! Thanks for that link.

Although I do have to express irritation that people get paid to write such horrendous crap. Don't they have editors? This sentence is driving me nuts, I've read it so many times and I'm still lost and I can't see how that passed a single proof read!

"The company was formed in January following Nestle's forced divestiture of the Meow Mix and Alley Cat brands to close its acquisition of be named for the program."


Ok, I feel better now. Vent over.
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Silas loves watching video games. Especially GTA: Vice City. He also loves watching "ice age"
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