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Awww isn't she precious!!! I love the siggy picture of her too!
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Oh those are soooo precious! She's grown up so fast!
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She's such a cutie.
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[quote=CoolCat;2066140] my adorable niece from Aussie!..[quote]

Out of my way, Uncle Rigel! Auntie Chris is older than you so she gets to kiss and hug first!
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OMG where's our little girl gone?!! She's growing up soooo fast!! She gets more and more beautiful; and that smile... it can brighten the dullest day.
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Dan, she is just beautiful and gorwing so much!
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Gosh all those photos are great!! You will need a big room to keep them all.
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Awww, those are really sweet!!
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she is soo pretty!! i can't believe how much she's grown She looks just like her momma
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Wow, she is such a little lady! Gorgeous!
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