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Australian Members???

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My boyfriend's family on his mother's side is from Australia. The family name is Craig. They still live there in fact. They live in Brisbane, Sidney and Melbourne.
We actually looked into moving there a year ago before we moved to Florida but found that the paperwork took A LONG time to process and we would need a work sponsorship to live there.
I know there are a few people on the forums from Australia and I would be interested in hearing all about the country.

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Hi Coco - I'm from Sydney - I grew up in the country (northwest NSW).

Australia is
- hot right now ,
- huge - you can drive for hours and not see a town in some parts of the country
- diverse - we have excellent beaches, amazing rain forests, huge national parks, cities (kind of ), deserts, snow fields. - also diverse in its population, very multicultural (makes for good eating!)
- home I really do love it, much to the concern of my husband, who wants to move to the UK (he is half British, and grew up there)

Feel free to ask any questions, and I'll answer them as best I can!

Wouldn't your boyfriend have citizenship, if his Mum is Australian? (thus no masses of paperwork to complete) - My husband has dual citizenship, British on his father's side (and he was born there), Australian on his mother's side.

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