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Sad news

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I posted last week that my son and his girlfriend were expecting.

She had a miscarriage last night. I know when that happens it's for a reason and for the best, but I can't help but be sad. I was pretty excited once I got used to the idea. So I'm kinda sad...I won't be a Grandma anytime soon. They weren't prepared finacially or any other way for a baby. But the other Grandma ( my best friend ) and I were willing to help them see this through.
It turns out she is RH negative. The hospital said that at first, then said no, then called this morning for her to come back in ASAP. Turns out there was a mistake with her bloodwork, so she got the shot this morning.

It's for the best, but I'm still sad!!
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Oh I'm soooo sorry to hear this! My best friend went through 2 miscarrages so I kind of understand how it feels (though I'm sure it's different since it's your son and his girlfriend!). I hope and pray when the time is right, that it will happen again for them!
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I'm sorry to hear this too. Let's hope that they will have a baby in the future
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That's too bad. I take it was her first baby also? I've heard that many first pregnancies wind up in miscarraige for natural reasons.

Hopefully they will soon be pregnant again and be financially stable.
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I'm truly sorry to read that......God bless them all.
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I´m so sorry about it my friend..... I to know by experience how deep in pain is this......
Give a big hug to your son and your daughter in law from me...
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Sending lots of vibes your way. It's prefectly normal and natural for you to be grieving the loss of your unborn grandchild...take your time and don't try to rush through the sadness.
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I am sorry to hear about your loss!
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Oh no! I am so sorry! I do believe that everything happens for a reason though. But I know that doesn't make it any easier.
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I am so sorry to hear the sad new. I know how much you were looking forward to being a grandma, and I know how devastated I would be if I lost my precious little granddaughter..

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Oh no! I'm so sorry
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Thanks to everyone for your kind words and sympathy. This site is full of very caring people and I appreciate all of you!
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I am soo sorry
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Oh wow, how sad..I am very sorry
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I'm sorry also! I am wishing for your sorrows to go away so you and your family will feel better soon! Take Care!

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I'm so sorry for your loss. My SIL had a miscarriage I know how sad it made the whole family. I will be praying for you and your family!
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