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What type of gifts do you buy?

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This year, I can only spend $8/per person. I've got a few to buy for, so I went for silly gifts.

Dad-Giant Remote & Construction Zone Ornament
Mom-Grandma's 1st Christmas ornament & Tootsie Roll Chapstick
Big Sis-
Lil Sis-The Illusionist & breath mints
Big Bro/SIL/New nephew-Baby's 1st piggy bank, tooth keepsake case, & hair locket case

I've got big sis & a 3 other people to shop for, then I'm done. I did all the other stuff today. For myself, all seasons of Stargate SG-1 are on sale for $ I bought one today & plan to get the rest tomorrow. Mom's going to give them to me as my Christmas gifts!
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The price for Stargate is pretty good. My dad likes to watch that series. I usually get gifts that people will be able to use or want. Right now I can spend a little more on gifts, but once I move out on my own, my spending will be limited.
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It takes me forever to do my shopping, I have to find the perfect gift for each person. I drive DH nuts. This year I can't find anything for my son, He never tells you what he likes or doesn't like, He is ten any ideas?
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lol i used to buy my sisters kids one real gift, and one loud gift( just to drive my sister nuts) heeh i am not a nice uncle?

but really, i have kinda stopped buying gifts, the requests from my sister kids have gotten out of hand couple of years ago, the request was a laptop, xbox360,playstation3.
Also have not seen her or them in hmm 4 years.

couple of years ago i picked up 2 half season ticket packs for my father to the cleveland indians, and he never used them, stuff you get him never get used.

the wife is muslim so she does not really do xmas, but i am paying half on some bike she wants.
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I buy all different kinds of presents. For my cousins kids, I bought them all some type of game or toy. For my mom and sister I am buying a digital camera for them to share and then just a little something for each of them. I have no idea what I am getting my boyfriend yet.
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This year I am making beaded Christmas tree decorations I don't even have a job yet so hand-made is the order of the day!! ^^

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Oh... I just love those angel ornaments! One of those would look great hanging from my truck mirror. Great idea.
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I usually get a gift card for Sears or Northern Tool for Rob, as well as a gift card for my parents to go out to dinner since they don't get to very often (money being tight). Last year, we spent about $1,000 on Xmas gifts for everyone ($300 bumper for my dad, $50 perfume for my mom + $50 gift card, $80 steering wheel for my brother, $200 towards a toolbox for Rob's dad, $100 in CDs for his mom, and like $70 on his brother's jeep, plus $100 on each other), this year will be a bit more tame!

This year, money is semi-tight for us too, since we are building a house as well as Xmas shopping. We're going to buy my family a $100 gift card and Rob's family a $100 gift card to go out to eat. Plus, I will probably include another "IOU" to go to Carowinds with my mom in the spring, since we LOVE roller coasters. Then we are going to spend $100/each one one another (I just got a raise at work, so we decided to go with a $100 budget on one another again this year). He will probably buy me some books, since I'm always reading. I plan on getting him a Northern Tool gift card, and some money to get the tattoo he's wanted for a few years.

For his birthday (December 18), I'm buying him a new creeper to work under cars. It has a hand brake on it so he can tighten or loosen heavily torqued bolts without the creeper moving. He pointed it out in a catalog and said that was what he wanted, so now he knows he's getting it. I felt so bad when I found out that until I met him, his parent's always combined his birthday and Xmas!! I think it should be two different occasions!
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I bought my dad a Rubricks cube-he said he hadn't seen them before and they must be popular with yr and lots of stores have them.

For others I go to their houses and look for items that need replacing and not to $$
For instance at one of my SIL's house yesterday I noticed she really needs new hot mitts for the oven and also as she has a cold -she doesn't have a humidifer for the house!!-I'll let her kids know so they can pick that up.
I like going to cookware stores as there are always lots of items to pick up that people can use.

I usually more practical for everyone but I will get some small food stuffs too like coffee sample packs or interesting spices/herbs.
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I generally go for a combination of amusing and pratical. I usually fill a small gift bag with several small items for the people on my lists.
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It usually depends upon the person who I'm buying the gift for. Normally I get something of sentimental value that I know they'll like, or something they can use. Some people get a "gag" gift also - like my son, for example. I'll get him the "real" gift, and also the gag gift: he has a good sense of humor, and gets a kick out of the gag gifts..

If I'm at a loss and can't find what I'm looking for, I'll usually get the person a gift card w/ X amount of dollars on it. I don't really like giving gift cards, b/c to me it's not personal, but sometimes I just can't find what I want, and am at a loss..

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I try to be practical yet fun
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I get them something on their list, that way I know I can't go wrong
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Oh wait.....I got some of this soap for my older sister for Christmas!

She is one after all!
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We live away from all of our family and in a city known for BBQ. Everyone gets a sampler set of BBQ sauces each year from us. I think they really depend on it.

DH just bought himself a compressor from a friend a few weeks ago. He's going to get a nail gun that works with it, and perhaps other tools.

Our gift to each other is going to be a compound miter saw. We have a lot of woodwork to replace in the house and really need something to cut the angles on all of the wood.

And I just found the funniest gift for my friend's mom who is a cat lover. You remember those concrete geese that you put on your front porch and dress up for the seasons? I found a cat version of that in a catalog. It's only $20.

Other great last minute gifts: candles, CDs, books and don't forget socks!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I get them something on their list, that way I know I can't go wrong

My family is like that too...My sister, for example, if you get her something that wasn't on her list, it gets returned the next day. Same with my Mom (or it never gets used).

My dad and brother I just purchase gift cards to places like Home depot or Lowe's. That keeps them happy.

B is extremely hard to shop for. He's one of those people that will pick up something, relish in it, but then he doesn't really want it.

I use to be good getting my SIL something, but her and I don't talk on a regular basis anymore...soo its back to the list for her.

This year I was going to try and make it easy by posting our registries before christmas, but we'll see.
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I plan on giving a photo album with prints and a cd from all the photos I have taken this year to each family. I don't have much to spend and no one really expects anything so this will be a treat
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Usually, I like to play it safe and get several small gifts for each person, that way, at least they will like SOMETHING that I've gotten them.

For example, this year I am getting some of my friends fuzzy socks, some small funny gifts (i.e. dogy keychain, etc.) and a "real" gift that I think they will like (CD or book that I know they want). I have been known to stoop to giftcards, but only when I really don't know what to get someone... The giftcard has been a lifesaver for me

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It depends on the person and what I come across. My cousin's boyfriend always gets something funny because he's just someone who makes you always want to bust his chops. I used to say he could sell a blade of grass in a used car lot.

I'm finding that my Grandparents really don't want anything and are trying to clear out their houses so I'm looking at restaurant gift card and such for them. I'm figuring that would be good for my Sister-in-law and her husband too. What parents of a 5 and 3 year old couldn't use a free night out? If I lived in town it would come with an offer to babysit too!
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