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We got the results for Pickles

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Well they weren't the results we were hoping for. They told us the biopsy showed a cancereous sarcoma, related to vaccines, forgive this all sounds confusing to me. They said the margins they got were good but they may or may not have gotten it all. As they like a margin of 2 and were only able to get 1.something. They told us if it were to come back it would be months and the mass would just grow, or be little masses. They gave us some options, which would include radiation, and chemo. we just think we have put him through alot at this point. He will be 13 in January and we feel rather then him get sick or possibly die as a result of chemo and radiation, along with the cost of it being in the thousands. We are just going to see how things go along and just keep him happy, we are hoping that like when back in 2004 with the squamous cell carcinoma he had that he will beat this as well. So I will keep you posted. I am just trying to convince myself and my daughter ( shes 16), that this is the best thing to do for him. But she is just saying she doesn't want him to die, neither do I but I can't see putting him through more, for something that may be incurable. I am just so torn. Any opinons would be greatly apprecitated. I guess for now I will just pray for the best., and just try to make his time happy while he is here. Thanks inadvance.
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Oh my....
your poor sweetie pie.
I do not have experience with this particular cancer but when a serious diagnosis like this happens,
I always suggest seeing a specialist if possible, for a second opinion.

I offer my prayers and support as you move forward.
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I'm sorry the news about Pickles wasn't better. Here are vibes and positive thoughts that he'll recover and be with you for a long time.
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I'm so sorry the news about Pickles wasn't more positive. You can only do what you think is best for your situation. Hopefully Pickles will recover & the cancer won't return. Thinking of you all.
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You have a very difficult decision to make. When I was in a similar situation with the first love of my life (Hippocrates), I had a frank discussion with a specialist on the long term prognosis around various treatments. At the time both chemo and radiation were a lot harder on cats than what is available now (nearly 20 years ago). Based on the fact that they would only give him no more than 6 months with the treatment, we chose to just keep him comfortable and he lived 3 more months. Hindsite told me I made the right choice - he would have been horribly sick for his last 6 months and without the treatment, we was sick only the last few days. But treatment has come a long way in the last 20 years.

for you to get through the decision, and vibes that he has many more years with you.
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I'm sending lots of for Pickles.
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I'm so sorry. I once had a furbaby (Foxy) who developed a cancerous brain tumor: the vet said that they could take a chance and operate on Foxy, but the chances were that he probably wouldn't pull through the surgery b/c of his age (he was 14). The vet also told me that they could try radiation treatments to maybe shrink the tumor, but again, b/c of his age, the vet thought that Foxy would suffer even more from the treatments. So he advised me to just take Foxy home, and make him as comfortable as possible for as long as I could. When Foxy started to lose weight, and was no longer interested in eating, I had to make the decision of having him put to sleep. It just broke my heart , but I knew I had done the right thing...

These things are never easy. But when your furbaby's time comes, he will let you know he's ready to go, and somehow, you will find the strength & courage to let him go, to a place where there is no more pain or suffering. And your precious Pickles will be grateful to you..

I am sending more blessings & vibes Pickles way, so that his remaining time w/ his beloved family are filled comfort & love.

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Thank you all for your support and love, I will keep you posted on his condition, we are going to let him just be himself and not put him through any more. We will pray for a miracle, and just let him live out his life happy. Thanks again.
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I would just make him as comfortable as possible. You're a great person for taking such good care of your Pickles! I will pray and send you good I hope it helps! You will know when the time has come, I always hoped mine would go in his sleep but he wouldn't leave me. I think he was more worried about me that himself! It sounds like you have given Pickles a wonderful life! Ill pray For a Miracle!
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I will be praying for pickles and for your family!! These kinds of things are never easy. But I will hope and pray for him to be ok!! Positive thoughts never hurt!!

prayers and love for you all!
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I agree with your decision; it's a tough one. I'm in a similar boat with a sick kitty. It's hard to know that you may not have them around forever but the love you give them now is the best that they can receive. I hope that your daughter will grow to understand that as well.

I'll keep you all in my thoughts.
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Thanks everyone, your support is greatly appreciated, I actually haven't felt good (have bronchitis), it's funny how your pets know when your not feeling well and try to comfort you, Pickles has been by my side since I have been sick, funny thing he has his own battle, I actually had a good cry today thinking about what it would be like when he isn't here to comfort me. I have been holding in alot. So it was nice to have him so close. I have tears in my eyes as I am talking to you guys. I am praying we win this battle, holding out hope and just trying to get back to being semi-normal. It's just when he gets so cuddly it tears at my heart. I feel like I am giving up, (I know I am not but I just need to convince my brain that I am doing the best, and hoping for the best). Sorry to ramble. I will keep you all up to date, and you and your pets are all in my thoughts. I know there's not much I can do for him, but plan on making him happy, I have even told me daughter to check out this site to see all the wonderful friends that pickles has. Thank you again, and bless you all.
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I am so sorry the news wasn't better. But I htink you are doing the right thing, and whatever time he has left (and it could be long or short), he will be happy to be with you and free of painful treatment.
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