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Oh my Goodness!

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I figured it was safe to move this to this forum now, instead of posting in ferals and strays. Mods, feel free to move it if you feel differently, but I'm so proud that I wanted this post to actually get *seen*.

We set up our Christmas Tree today. Dozer (the dog) was really excited about it, but left it alone... Reagan, Whisper and Baloo all hid (afraid of it? Not sure!). Molly, on the other hand... I don't know what went through her mind, but the presence of the tree seems to have completely set her at ease!

She came out of hiding first because DH had to move the couch to set up the tree, and she was hiding behind it. So she came out, and sat in the dining room for awhile with Reagan. Then we set up the tree, and she was quite watchful and observant, occasionally going to the door to try to get let out ().

When we were finished, I sat down on the couch, and as I often do when she's not hiding, offered a hand for petting. Not only did she come right over to be stroked, but she proceeded to *jump on the couch with me*! Then, much to my GREAT surprise, she climbed into my lap and began to purr!

I think we're going to have quite a love bug on our hands! Needless to say, I think she's adjusting. She didn't even panic when Baloo came into the room later. Now it's just working on her relationship with Whisper. We might need to try more vanilla
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Maybe the tree reminded her of her time outside and brought a familiar smell?

That's wonderful that she hopped onto your lap. That is a great accomplishment!!
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It's artificial! Though we do have a balsam candle burning, too. I'm wondering if that might not be doing something to help. It might be interesting to experiment with some different smells and see how they affect the cats. Lately even Whisper's been calmer, except with Molly (he doesn't see enough of her to get used to her, and he's still very nervous).
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