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Cats and thanksgiving...what do you do?

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I thought this could be interesting and informative. I like to give Ping and Pong raw meat at times and they both seem to enjoy the treats. So this Thanksgiving I wanted to give them some of what we are having as far as meats go. The neck we use for gravy. But the heart and live (I think is the other 2) does not get used. Is it ok for me to give them this. Probably raw but maybe slightly cooked.

Also what you ya'll do special for your pets during the holiday meals?
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I think my parents used to cook the jiblets (what ever that is) from the turkey and feed them to the animals
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Originally Posted by My cat Mellow View Post
I think my parents used to cook the jiblets (what ever that is) from the turkey and feed them to the animals
giblets are the neck bone, live and heart. I don't know if I am gonna cook them or not because both of the cats like raw meats.
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Sadly I won't be giving Karma anything. We found out she is a bit over weight so its just her regular wet food for her. I did go and get a special can of fancey feast turkey florentine for her though so at least she will get something special today.
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We always give the cats who want turkey so they can enjoy a treat.
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I sauteed the liver and mashed it up with the juice for the ferals. They absolutely loved it!
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I miss my cats so much... but I'm still in Dallas and my mom is taking care of them right now....

We are about to celebrate the thanksgiving here in 1 hour yamm
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A year ago I brought Turkey home for the cats, but this year with 6 cats, I really couldn't ( I snuck it out of the restaurant we were eating at, I know not very nice, but it was just a small piece not a huge one) If I were to try and take one today, I'd have to take a huge one to divide among the 6 and that's not fair. I felt guilty enough taking the small one, so this year they didn't really get anything but some treats. I'll make it up to them, I'll give them some treats and maybe a small can of tuna split between the 6 tomorrow.
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Well I spent Thanksgiving kicking Beauty and Luna off the couch. As soon as I came over with the plate full of everything, I had new best friends and almost ate a cat

I was looking for a plain piece to give them, but the turkey I bought was a pre-seasoned I couldn't find anything that wasn't just turkey.
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My cats always get left over turkey and this year they will also be getting the turkey heart.
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Trout gets nothing because I don't have Thanksgiving at my house
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If they're used to eating raw meat and it doesn't bother them, I think feeding to them raw is fine. I'm probably going to boil mine and feed that to the outdoor cats this weekend. After we cleaned the turkey, I took the carcas (with still quite a bit of meat on it) and put the whole thing out for them last night along with the scraps from everyone's plates and they had a FEAST!! It was so cute...I stood at the door and watched them for a few minutes. This morning, there was nothing left but an empty cookie sheet and a few stray bones.
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We probably would have given Katina & Monte some turkey, but my mom had decided when they got Chassis, Caliper, and Tailpipe, that they would not eat people food. Sure enough, Chassis jumped on my dad's chair last night and stuck her face in his turkey, but didn't eat any. Our previous 2 cats used to be the clean-up crew. Maybe we'll have some turkey for Monte & Katina when we get back to SC.
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