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poor coco! she may never forgive me!

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A few minutes ago I was carrying Coco downstairs to get back online after ALIAS. I felt Ed on one of the steps and it startled me so much I slipped down the stairs. While I was bodysurfing down the stairs (on my back) Coco went flying out of my arms probably a good three feet into the air. She landed on my belly which she proceeded to use as a launchpad to jump over the railing and run for cover.

Ed has forgiven me for disturbing his nap with all the ruckus (there were treats involved in the apology) but Coco is hiding. Yowza! I guess that was the ride of her life!
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Good lord, I am just glad you are okay. You have NO idea how many people I know that have taken a spill down the stairs and ended up with a broken bone or two.
I do understand how that happens though. I have almost fallen quite a few times trying to avoid the cats. They did end up forgiving me
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Squirrel has a really bad habit of scampering up the stairs everytime someone is going upstairs. The stairway is very narrow and it is hard to keep your balance with a little grey body underneath you. Cocoa had a nice soft launchpad at least! Glad you weren't hurt bad.
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oh - i am fine, really. i just feel horrible for the cat because i was laughing and crying and looking like a crazy lady while she was scared to death. i was not taking her fear lightly but i couldn't stop laughing. i checked to make sure they were both uninjured, but i couldn't stop laughing.
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Auburn, I'm glad that you and the two cats are ok!!
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That's quite the visual I am getting right now. Glad you guys are ok!
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Auburn I am so glad that everyone is okay!

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Glad you didn't get hurt! Coco must have had the crap scared out of her though!
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What a visual!!

Sunshine, who is all black, will nap on the stairs, and there have been MANY times when one of us has stepped on her in the night because we can't see her. You think she'd learn by now to get off the steps, I' always so afraid one of my kids will trip and fall and really get hurt.
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(raising hand)

I've done it too!!!!
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