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Cat lost her voice

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Our cat is usally very vocal and attentative. Recently I found her hiding in the living room and not wanting to be petted or messed with. I also noticed she would not meow and wouldn't eat for a couple of days. I put her on antibiotics and now she eats and lets us pet her again, but her meow seems strained and isn't very frequent.

I feel a lump in her throat area but just assumed that was her throat. Anyone have any idea what it could be. I might take her to the vet, but he will probably tell me to put her on antibiotics which she already is on. Thanks!
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you should speak to the vet, wand check that the antibiotics are the right treatment, who prescribed thiis course for the cat?
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We foster kittens and I had some leftover antibiotics from when our cat got hurt (it's only about a week since he stopped using it). Our dog tilly had swelling in her throat a couple of years ago and the vet put her on antibiotics. Skitty has slowly been getting better on them, but not sure if anything else should be done.
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I'm one of those folks that think antibiotics are over-used. I would recommend having a vet look at your kitty to diagnose what could be wrong.

The lump may not be anything but then again it could be something that needs a biopsy.
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I agree with the other posters, she needs to see a vet. It could even be that she ate a toxic houseplant. Antibiotics are usually disease specific and only useful for bacterial infections.
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