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Special Thanksgiving Guests

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So, this morning, we had a special visitor. He's the neighborhood squirrel we call, "Squeakers". The neighbors I had when I first moved in a few months ago gave him the name. He comes by every now and then to see if someone has left something out for him to eat or to store for the winter.

Here he is:

So, after I made the pecan pie for today, I had quite a few pecans left over. Since I wasn't planning to use to rest of them, I set them in a bowl for Squeakers. Apparently, he made it a brunch date because there was another squirrel with him when he came back:

The "predators" stalking their prey:

Everyone's watching you!:

"Look Mommie!"

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Look at that cute little guy!! With those chubby cheeks it sure looks like he's well fed
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OH too cute! I had a lovely relationship for about 3 years with a squirrel we named Emily - I found she'd take peanuts from my hand. She used to know when my dh would be leaving for work and be right at the middle of the screen door,'d have to check if she was there or you'd open the door onto her!

She had the coldest little paws
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I love squirrels! That was so great of you to leave some nuts out for her/him.
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Awww that is too adorable! Little Squeakers
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Squirrels are sweet little critters. Thanks for the pics.
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We have two: Flat Tail and Half Tail. They are a deformed brother and sister who come to us for peanuts and other treats, and Half Tail will allow himself to be petted, too. Flat Tail is a bit more timid, but she's really much more deformed than her brother. Her front paws are twisted and her back feet are especially large. Ears are too small, and then there is the fact that she only has half of her tail, which is flat like a beaver's

They're so cute though!
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That is so cute!!
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I love squirrel, they are so cute,
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The last hurricane we had, a small squirrel took refuge inside our storm wondow under an awning. He stayed there through the whole hurricane. He was so cute. The cats wanted to see him, but we were afraid they would scare him away from his spot, so we didn't let them look out that window. He was the cutest little guy.
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