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Im lonely

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Its thanksgiving and Im all alone. Ari is still sleeping and the kitties are too. Im alone by myself and have nothing to do. I have no friends here. I wish I was with my family.
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I too live too far away from family... although i could have driven down this year, I chose not to (My mother doesn't really cook much anymore). I'd rather stay home, get things done and make my own Thanksgiving dinner... which I'm doing... I firmly believe that just because one doesn't have family nearby, they shouldn't celebrate properly. Small turkey, some potatoes for hand mashing, and frozen veggies... not what most think of, but hey, this is how i do it...

It is a day of thanksgiving for all that you DO have... not a day to miss what you don't. be thankful you and Ari are safe, happy and healthy, and that the cats are there to keep your toes warm. Once Ari wakes up, put her in her stroller and take a walk, if the leaves are changing, appreciate what you can see, hear, feel. Celebrate however you wish, even if it's not the traditional way. make a NEW tradition for you and Ari.

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I agree. Be thankful for what you do have. I am an only child, only have my parents and the closest family are 5 states away which we do not communicate with either way. Take time to appreciate the beautiful sites around you and the comfort of a warm home.
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Sorry to hear that. I understand. I spent many Thanskgivings away from family and it was very hard.

So here is a big
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BUT tcs is here for you my friend!
DonĀ“t give up! futhermore, your kitts are next to you!
here another big hug!
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Awww, I'm sorry. We are here to say Happy Thanksgiving.
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Being by yourself on any holiday can be crummy. But just'll never be completly alone when you have friends from all over the world to hang out with on TCS!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
Being by yourself on any holiday can be crummy. But just'll never be completly alone when you have friends from all over the world to hang out with on TCS!
Thats true..... and you have your kitties near you also.
I wish you didnt feel lonely
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Sorry you are so sad today, Happy Thanksgiving to you and the kitties. Talking on the phone to family helps some and you can share with them that way. Lots of coming your way today from me.
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hey it could be worse... you could be at WORK like me!
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Hey, we're family.
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Originally Posted by Fostermomm View Post
Ari is still sleeping and the kitties are too.
You mean me lol?
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I am sorry you are so lonely,it is hard during the holidays, but there are lots of friends here
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Well things got better after I posted. I woke up in an awful depressed mood. Then my ex calls and wants Ari to spend the day at his house because his family is in town and want to see her.

Which would have left me totally alone. So I told him he could have her for a couple hours only but not till after I spent some time with her. So we went for a walk and she spent the whole time screaming bloody murder. She didnt have fun and was in a awful mood too.

My day started to get better when her dad arrived and left with a very crabby screaming baby. LOL When he dropped her off he said she cried almost the whole time. Made me feel better knowing she made him miserable. Does that make me evil?

The I started emailing my friend Joe (while Ari was gone) and must have sounded pretty pathetic because he showed up at my door with lots of chocolate, ice cream and pies. He said he thought I needed some cheering up and some company. So we had a great time and I got to see my ex's face when Joe answered the door when he dropped Ari off. LOL

Joe just left about 30 minutes ago, Ari is happily playing in her jumperoo and I am feeling much better. Not a bad day after all!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
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