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Daily Thread Thurs Nov 22

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I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving! Eat come stuffing soaked with gravy for me please

Not much going on with me today..I am seeing the dude again tonight I think we are going to Mongolian Grill for stirfry I hope it goes well..Usually, I make the decision if I like them or not on the second date.

Have a lovely day!
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Morning! They must be getting their stuffing ready Nat because it's quiet here today Have a wonderful time all of you, and stick some cranberry sauce on my turkey

I'm off to the salon tonight from work to have my 5 weekly trim, then home to vacuum

Oh and good luck with the next date btw!!
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Best of luck with your date Nat!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends to the south!

Not too much on the go for me today, I have a course to attend tomorrow, Sat & Sun, so I'll probably stay at home and study for that, and of course there is also the never ending pile of laundry to contend with

Have a great Thursday everyone!
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good morning

today is payday again. that's always good!

Tonight I'm going to a lecture at the university. Not as exciting as a date, but I'll take what I can get.

Today should be a VERY boring day at work. We're open, but most of our clients are in the US so we wont get very many orders today.
At least my boss is still out of town, so there's nobody sitting behind me seeing what I do on the computer.

So happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans.
And have fun on your date Nat.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
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Not much going on with me today..I am seeing the dude again tonight I think we are going to Mongolian Grill for stirfry I hope it goes well..Usually, I make the decision if I like them or not on the second date.

Have a lovely day!
i thought we agreed that since he has dog you where going to dump him hmm.
just wait until trout get my email.
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Morning all and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans!

Nice weather to contend with this morninig - ice and slushy snow. Had to crawl along the Expressway in second gear. Gonna be a fun day for driving.

Have fun on your date, Nat!
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Have fun on your date Natalie!!!

Oh boy I'm in trouble today. I went to feed Patches and Beauty their wet food and....I'm completely out

So looks like the cats will be getting a little turkey this year!!!
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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone down south. Hope you all have a wonderful day. We are in winter Wonderland mode here in Cottage Country. We have several inches of snow and more coming.
I am having some hot chocolate then heading off to work.

All the cats are sitting in the window watching the snow. It's cute!

Anyway everyone have a good day..
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Hopefully everyone has a lovely day, turkey or no turkey (someone please eat some turkey for me!)

Icy pellets mixed with snow made for a rough walk and bus ride into work today. A coworker is trying to convince me to go for coffee outside of the building at break. I don't know - it looks pretty slippy.

Well I am off to read some more threads and do some work!

Have a great day everyone.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Have a lovely day!
...Well said my friend!

Have a terrific day and enjoy your beautiful time!
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We got a dusting of snow overnight!!!! Its not alot however.
I've got my food made and some packed into car for the trip north to my SIL's house.
Have to be there in a couple of hours so Neil doesn't miss the start of the game so I have to take a shower and get ready soon!!!

Have a good day and to my fellow American TCS'ers ....DON"T OVEREAT!!!!!

Nat-have a good second date and just ignore Bruce's advice.

Go Packers.................
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Morning all!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Dh's friends woke me up at the nice time of 8:30 on the one day I knew noone would be calling me for anything silly because our store is closed. So much for sleeping in
Oh well, it gives me more time to cuddle the cats and play on the internet before going out to eat lots and lots of turkey.....
I thought Dh had picked out a name for little kitty in the basement. Either Calli or Westie. I told him I wasn't going to name her after a dog and he said Westie is a beer. What a goofball. She is such a little lover. She jumps into your lap, and paws at your face for attention. Rocket has already sort of met her. They've checked each other out through a crack in the door. He seems more interested then anything now. After her next vet visit, I'll bring her upstairs, and let the others roam the basement smelling her scent. That ought to be interesting. But this time she's going to be introduced right. All the other times we never had enough room to do it for extended periods of time, but now that we do, this time will be done correctly. Slowly and one step at a time. Not within a week or two.

Good Luck with your date tonite Nat! My hubby LOVES Mongolian Grill!! I hope it holds the same fondness for you and mr(hopefully) right.
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I'm really excited for Thanksgiving!!!!! I've got my SO's Thanksgiving this afternoon then my Thanksgiving this evening!!!! My granny is Italian so her Thanksgiving is always really good!!!! Blake thinks it's funny that our Thanksgiving always has pastas, and spaghetti. It's so good though! I just hope she's not cooking with lard this year No eating for a week if that's the case
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I Want Turkey Too!!!!!!
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Happy Thanksgiving! We are going to MIL's for dinner tonight. DH maked a pumpkin cheese cake for dessert. MIL is making a apple pie for those who don't eat cheese cake (ME).

Have fun on your date Nat!

I hope everyone else has a wonderful Thursday.
Anyone shopping on Black Friday have fun and be careful.
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Happy Thanksgiving all!!


The cats are chasing the flakes, the puppy pooped on the floor....and I'm hungry! Hurry up noon so I can eat!
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I just put my turkey in the slow cooker... and I'll be off in a while going to downtown Portland to write with some friends... I'm dong NaNoWriMo again this year and am way behind (as usual, although this year is the worst so far).

I expect to pull the bird out of the cooker between 6 and 8... this is an experiment... I've never done a whole bird in a Crockpot before...

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I wish we had snow flurries. It's almost 70 here!
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I hope your date is so much fun Natalie.
Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!
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I haven't been doing much today, just school, went to buy some rabbit food, then slobbed at home and on my nintendo

what a lazy teen I am!
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My small turkey (10.8 pounds) is in the oven. I made the candied yams last night and they are ready to be put in the oven once the turkey is done. Along with the extra stuffing. I made the yams differently this year. After I boiled them, I mashed them with real butter and brown sugar. Gonna put more butter and brown sugar along with the marshmallows. I also baked my pies last night. I will have steamed veggies and mashed potatoes and gravy, and biscuits with lots of butter. A lot of food for just 2 people unless my friend is able to come.

We have a lot to be thankful for. Even though we lost our house due to foreclosure (it is being auctioned off next week) we are warm and happy in our new little place. I finally have a working stove and enough counter space to prepare everything. I do miss my kitties since I had to take them to the shelter when we had to move. But I am thankful that at least 4 of them were adopted and are now in new homes. I hope the other 2 were adopted too but they were anti-social.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.......

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Oh no!!

I was all looking forward to going to the university tonight to attend a lecture but I just checked my email again... only to discover the lecture was last week!!
I really hoped to see some old university friends tonight.

How could I have mixed up the weeks like that??
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