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Nail Trimming

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I took my kitty to the vet a week ago. While I was there I asked if they could help me put Soft Paws on her since I'd never done it before. They tried but said her claws were too short (her foster mom had just trimmed them).

So...my question is: how often do kittens nails need to be trimmed and how long should I wait before trying Soft Paws again?
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I'm not a big fan of the nail caps. We just clip Bijou and Mika's nails about every 10 days - no problem.
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I usually do my kittens nails every 10-14 days, so if you went to the vet a week ago they may be long enough now.

The nails need to be clipped before you put the soft paws on, so I'm not really sure how they could be too short
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I didn't cut Ziggy's nails because she was outside some of the time for them to be worn down, however, I have cut Links nails recently. They started getting really sharp, and now, after a good trim, I can hardly feel them. I'd rather go for clipping than putting anything on them. It's easy once you know how.
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I've never heard of anyone using soft paws in Aust & not even sure they are available. I trim Blossom's claws when she's sleepy. She doesn't mind me doing it at that time.
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Have you tried just keeping her nails trimmed? It usually works pretty well.

I have a friend who uses soft paws though and he trims them BEFORE putting the soft paws on.
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