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This is embarrassing, and way TMI

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As most of you know, I'm having a baby *very* soon. When my first child was born, my ex and I had two cats (who are still with him). When my milk came in, I had problems keeping the cats from attempting to suckle from me. Both were separated from their mothers at roughly nine weeks old, and still visited from time to time (both mothers lived on the same street) so I don't think that this was an issue of early separation.

Is this something that I should be worried about this time around? I intend to nurse my baby, so I'm going to have milk for quite some time. Reagan already has an obsession with my breasts, and I'm worried that things could potentially get out of control.

Does anybody have any experience or advice?
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all i can tell you is that , first i am guy,
and when i first got eazy he made a couple of attempts in that area.
lol talk about a rough way to wake up.
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I guess it's the same as keeping them off counters--just push them away often enough, and they'll get the point!
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I never had any issues when I was breastfeeding but I guess it all depends on the individual cat.
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My friend is breastfeeding, My cat Lucky definately checks her out everytime she comes here, I think she smells the milk. I thought it was because Lucky was bottle fed.
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Kittens who were nursed do it too. My kitten that I had would literally try to suckle, and usually when I was sleeping. He kept me "in milk" long after I had given up on nursing my baby

I can definitely see a potential problem with Reagan. She's the only one that I'm really worried about, and pushing her away has never done *any* good whatsoever! I don't know if she has short-term memory loss (lol!) or if she's just stubborn.
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