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any TSO fans?

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anybody here a fan of the trans-siberian orchestra?
saw their annual christmas show for the 4th time last night. it's gets better every year.
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I'm more of a Savatage fan *points at name*, but I do like TSO. It would be hard not to, practically the same band just with more vocalist.
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Yep seen them a couple of times, but not this year.
funny really since i am not a fan of Savatage
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I jumped on this thread because I saw TSO and immediately thought "Toronto Symphony Orchestra" since that's the term we use for our orchestra. I'm sure the other TSO is equally awesome.
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...Not fan....
but I love you nick!
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Never heard of them until a week ago, when my sister mentioned them. I need to look into their music. I love Manheim Steamroller's Christmas music, and she said their Christmas music reminds her of MS.

Edit: I remember this video from last Christmas! I didn't realize it was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!!!!

Yes! I DO like their music! I will be looking for their CD's this Christmas season!
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I love TSO! Wanted to go see them Dec. 2nd, but hubby has to work. He offered to buy tickets for my friend and I to go but I think they may be sold out now. Maybe next year!
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I love TSO!! I am going to their Christmas show again this year and taking my mother with me this time.
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