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Feeding kittens

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We have two, 8 week old Tortie kittens. We were wondering if it is ok feed fresh fish once/twice a week?
We give them kitten food... Whiskas & Felix.... In Pouches/Tins and Dried.
What else should we be giving our babies?
Should they have milk..ie. lactol?
Any advice would be appreciated. We want to do the best for our girlies.
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Hi there,

You really don't want to give them milk. Some cats have a lot of problem digesting this liquid that turns into solid in their bellies.

Fish is okay in moderation and if it is de-boned. Even cooked fish can contain bones that will choke a kitten. Your best bet is to keep these kittens on dry kitten food wet down with a little bit of either water or chicken broth and wet food geared for kittens. Most little kitties also love cooked green beans mashed down as a treat and a little bit of yogurt. Again, moderation is the key.
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The best you can do for them is keep them on mainly a high quality dry food diet (IMO). Offset with wet food 2-3 times a week, or a teaspoon once a day.

I do not give my cats milk products, least not from cows for the reason stated above. In addition you can give them vitamins which you can find from petstores, there's a really good one, forgive me I can't remember the name. But it's a white powder and you can sprinkle a little on their food.
Other than that you can give them pretty much any desiganted cat treat once in a while, and you can give them things like cooked chicken (boneless) for a little snack sometimes. And/Or raw egg yolk once a week.
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Hello! Congratulations on your new babies!
Quick question: do you think you could switch kitty foods? Whiskas really is one of the worst foods out there- it's so full of bone meal that in cats who eat it for a long time,the bone will actually build up in them undigested. I've seen xrays of this, not good! Good brands I am familiar with are Medi-cal, Walthams, Science Diet and Iams. Hope this helps!
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