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Cold weather = snuggly?

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We had a cold front move through today, and I noticed that my cats, especially Leo, are much more snuggly. I started thinking back, and realized this is a pattern of behavior every time it gets cold out.

He is not usually a lap cat, but every time I sit down when it's cold out, he hops up on my lap and curls up. It's nice, although I fully realize I'm being used for my body heat!

Does anyone else have this experience with their cat? (and yet another example of how smart they are!)
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Yep!! My girls do it too!
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Seamus practically lays on top of me in bed at night lately... he usually just sleeps near the edge of the bed
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Yes, both of mine do. Although Chynna is a snuggle bug year round, she sleeps in my bed in the winter, but not in the warmer months. Same with Abby. During the warm months she sleeps elsewhere but was soon as the weather turns colder she's pasted against me, even under the covers sometimes.
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Hey, I'm the warmest thing in the house (except for the cats)--it makes sense! We all snuggle and keep warm together in cold weather, just for pragmatic reasons. Of course, for Tiny, who's more standoffish and doesn't snuggle constantly, I put pillows and blankets on the window perches. He meatloafs there in the sun and seems pretty comfy.
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They're definitely hanging out in the bedroom more. Bedroom = warmest room in the house.

Earlier I took a short nap, I tend to lay on my side and curl up, and when I woke up both cats had positioned themselves snuggled up to me so that I was curled around them and they were curled around each other. I was part of a cat huddle.
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