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Little pleasures

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So what are some of the simple things that you really enjoy?

Yes, you can mention your cats, but that should be a given. Try to think of other things too.

For me, I like sitting at home or in a quiet tea shop and sip some good quality tea. Usually while reading or studying.
Today I got myself some good tea - black tea with ginger and mulberry - and it's so yummy. I rarely spend much money on anything, but good quality tea is a good investment. I'll have to go back to that shop for some oolong tea too.

I also like watching cartoons and movies I already know by heart. It's a source of comfort for me.

I also love when I'm on the subway or in a crowded street and something unexpected happens. Suddenly, instead of avoiding looking at each other, people will smile at people around them (in a way that says "oh boy, what is it now? "). It's great to share a little moment of complicity with total strangers.

Playing with fire. (I can't be trusted around candles or a campfire )

And finally, cradling my little Kinah like if she was a baby. I think she loves it too.
Speaking of which, I think I'll go do that right now.

So how about you?
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Treating myself at our coffee shop, with a good cup of coffee or tea and a sweet thing to go with it. It's local, not a chain, fun, has great music and I can watch cars go by and people and their dogs walk by. It's just enjoying the moment. Everyone needs these once in a while.

They had glass cutting boards with antique pictures of our village on them. One small one was by the cream/milk and was actually being used, it was a bit sticky. It was the one I wanted, the only one they had. It had a price tag on the back. They said, sure, we'll sell it to you, we'll wash it up. They did wash it and then charged 1/2 price for it. Some places just have that certain something that just makes you feel good.
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Mmmm....comfy jammies, a warm bed in a cool room.

Kitties sleeping on my feet.

A good book that I just can't put down and it's Saturday night so I can stay up all night if I want.

That first cup of coffee in the morning.
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a good book how smoking a pipe :P (ok i dont smoke anymore, but i miss it simetimes)
and a some good coffee.

being out on the motorcycle on a hot summer night.
good video game,
and great cup of coffee
comes to mind first,

how not simple, being upside down in a airplane is fun...
errr, when a really good looking women walks by, hehe,
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The answer to your question came right away - No Contest!

For me it's a warm cup of tea (Red Rose brand specifically) with a bit of milk and sugar or a cup of hot chocolate.

It without fail takes me back to sitting around the table in my Grandma's kitchen. Usuallly this would be accompanied by one of Gram's home made Bran Muffins or a Stella-Doro (May be spelling that one wrong!) treat of some kind. So when I start sipping my tea I see my Grandma in her healthier days puttering around, my cousin Kristy (who's only 28 days older than me so we have always been close) and my Aunt and I sitting at the table and I can hear the sounds of a million conversations and stories about Grandma's growing up years. Sometimes my Grandpa and Dad are there too. Oh and Kristy's long time boyfriend. When they are in the memory, there's always a somewhat loud and lively conversation.
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I love a steaming hot bubble bath
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I love it when Luna kneads me. I just feel extra special in her world.

Watching a childhood classic.

Hot cocoa

Hmmm...I'm sure I can think of more later.
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my cat and kids being well behaved!

A bit of quiet time just for me to read my book or play a game on the computer with no one making demands on my time!
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- Friday nights
- Wrestling Mitzi
- Just having a nice hack out on a horse (for me a nice hack out on a horse means galloping up a hill at 80mph!)

oh, and I nearly forgot...

melted Dairy Milk
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sitting in front of the fireplace with a good book and a hot chocolate with Sibohan on my knee.

Oh and going out to my car after work to find that my friend has bruched the snow off the windows.
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I love when I've cleaned the whole house and I can just sit and relax with a book/movie knowing nothing needs to be done.

I also love a really good bottle of wine and a nice meal at home with my man.

A hot shower and getting straight into clean pyjamas and clean bed sheets!
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Originally Posted by Catnip
I also love a really good bottle of wine and a nice meal at home with my man.
A woman after my own heart.
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